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Physical Education at PBA

Physical Education (K-12)

The mission of the education program is to prepare highly competent pre-service elementary, secondary, and all-level teachers for diverse classrooms through academic and clinical experiences. A major in Physical Education: Grades K-12 will prepare you to teach physical education, wellness and fitness in primary, elementary or secondary schools.

Your program will also address the Sunshine State Standards, the Accomplished Practices, and the Florida Education Standards Commission's Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct and its ramifications, which leads to first-rate employment opportunities for you after graduation.

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What Can I Do With This Degree?

Just a few of the careers you'll be prepared for are:

  • P.E. teacher
  • High school coach
  • Fitness trainer

Physical Education at PBA

Get Involved in the Community

You’ll also have internship opportunities at a variety of locations, both on campus and off campus, including:

  • PBA’s Athletic Department
  • PBA’s Fitness Center
  • West Palm Beach Recreation Department
  • Public and private Christian schools
  • Working with special population students

Speaking of PBA...

"My professors have been a great influence and a great help in developing the skills and knowledge that I need to be a successful physical educator."

-Michael Fritz, Physical Education alum, Teacher Education (K-12)

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