Rinker School of Business

ROTC - Military Science Minor

PBA's ROTC Military Science minor is a college elective that concentrates on leadership development, ethics, fitness and preliminary military skills.The Rinker School of Business at Palm Beach Atlantic University offers a minor in Military Science, which accommodates the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC).

ROTC is a college elective that concentrates on extensive leadership development, management, professional ethics, problem solving, fitness and preliminary military skills.

Since beginning in 2009, the ROTC program at PBA has more than a dozen students in various majors. Classes for cadets are hosted at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.

Your Opportunities in Military Science

This program has proven its unparalleled value to students long after graduation and well into their desired career, whether civilian or military. ROTC is an elective course that is taken each semester of college, and upon completion of the program requirements and awarding of a bachelor’s degree (or graduate degree), the student is commissioned as an Officer in the active Army, Reserves or National Guard.

Students interested in ROTC but not ready to yet make a commitment may take classes as freshmen and/or sophomores and incur no military obligation. Students entering their junior year or about to begin a two-year graduate program in the fall of an academic year may spend five weeks in summer training at the Leaders Training Course in Fort Knox, Kentucky. In that program, students learn skills normally taught in the first two years of ROTC, earn pay, and then without obligation, make a decision about ROTC and the Army.

Speaking of PBA

"Looking back at my time as a college student, I could not have imagined what it would have been like if I did not go to a school like PBA and not gone through the ROTC program. ROTC gave me the resources and experiences to become not only a leader in the Army, but also a leader in every other area of my life. Alongside with the PBA’s mission to equip and challenge students to grow in the fields of academics, serventhood, and faith, I feel fully prepared as I head into my unit as a newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant."

-- Kyle Rehberg, alum, Political Science major, ROTC minor