School of Arts and Sciences


School of Arts and Sciences

Palm Beach Atlantic University's School of Arts and Sciences prides itself on the unique learning opportunities presented to students upon admission. These span across the globe including diverse locations and geographies, including field work in the Everglades, studying on the Galapagos Islands and so much more. Request more information to find out how PBA can provide you with the educational experience of a lifetime.

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Arts and Humanities Programs

Natural Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Programs

The School of Arts & Sciences is PBA's largest school with more than 10 different majors.

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Students learn in a Christian University classroom.
  • Outstanding scholars
  • Respected experts
  • Christian mentors
  • Passionate teachers

Your Opportunities at the School of Arts and Sciences 

  • Observe the diversity of the natural sciences in studies that lead to vocations in health, marine biology, professional school programs, forensic science and research opportunities
  • Explore history, literature, and ideas that have changed the world
  • Discover the orderliness of God’s creation in mathematics
  • Study the languages and works of art that have expressed the faith, curiosity, and creativity of humankind
  • Develop your own analytical abilities
  • Prepare for a career in the law or as a shaper of the law via politics

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