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PBA At A Glance

PBA is an interdemoninational college founded in 1968. Learn more here.

Palm Beach Atlantic University is a comprehensive, interdenominational Christian university founded in 1968.

Main Campus Location:  West Palm Beach, Florida

Enrollment (Fall 2018)

  • Total 3,706
    • 2,215 traditional day (West Palm Beach)
    • 192 evening adult (West Palm Beach, Orlando and online)
    • 472 master's programs (West Palm Beach, Orlando and online)
    • 270 professionals in pharmacy
    • 108 professional in nursing practice and health systems leadership
    • 449 dual-enrolled students
  • 1,146 residential students
  • 17,000+ alumni


  • Undergraduate student-faculty ratio: 12 to 1
  • Average day undergraduate class size: 17
  • 89% of undergraduate classes have fewer than 30 students
  • 84% of full-time teaching faculty hold the highest degree in their field
  • 180 full-time teaching faculty

West Palm Beach Academic Programs

The fountain in front of Sachs Hall Administration Building. We are a Christian college in West Palm Beach.
  • 55 undergraduate majors
  • Evening undergraduate degrees in business administration, Christian studies, ministry, organizational leadership and community psychology 
  • Graduate programs in accountancy, business administration (concentrations in accounting, enterprise systems, finance, global development, marketing and project management), Christian studies, clinical mental health counseling, marriage, couple and family counseling, school counseling, general counseling studies, divinity, global development, leadership
  • Professional degree programs in health systems leadership, nursing practice (concentrations in adult gerontology primary care, executive leadership, family nurse practitioner and psychiatric mental health) and pharmacy
  • Degrees offered: B.A., B.G.S., B.S., B.Mus., B.S.N., D.N.P., M.A., M.Acc., M.B.A., M.Div., M.S., M.S.N., Pharm.D.
  • 306,000+ library volumes (books and audiovisual material)
  • Some of the semester-long study abroad programs offered are in Chile, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Jordan, New Zealand, South Africa, Uganda and London.

Orlando Academic Programs

  • Evening undergraduate degrees in Christian studies, ministry, organizational leadership, community psychology, and RN to BSN
  • Master’s degrees in Christian studies, divinity, clinical mental health counseling, marriage, couple and family counseling, school counseling, general counseling studies, and leadership

Online Programs

•   Undergraduate degrees in ministry, organizational leadership, community psychology and RN to BSN

•   Master’s degree in leadership

Centers of Excellence

  • Center for Integrative Science Learning
  • David and Leighan Rinker Center for Experiential Learning
  • Gregory Center for Medical Missions
  • The LeMieux Center for Public Policy
  • Titus Center for Franchising


  • Campus-wide wireless Internet access and printing from personal devices
  • Heightened focus on cybersecurity
    • Two-factor authentication & single sign-on
  • University wide emergency messaging system
  • Sailfish TV campus cable system and digital signage network
  • Voice over Internet telephony and video conferencing
  • Campus wide Gigabit internet


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a member of the Sunshine State Conference.
  • Member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II, Sunshine State Conference
  • 18 men’s and women’s intercollegiate sports:
    • M/W basketball, M/W golf, M/W lacrosse, M/W soccer, M/W tennis, M/W cross-country, M/W track, women's volleyball, beach volleyball, baseball, softball
  • Dynamic intramural program
  • 100+ student music, theatre and dance performances annually
  • Student newspaper (The Beacon)
  • Opportunities for involvement and leadership in 40+ social, professional and religious clubs and organizations

Financial Data

  • Undergraduate annual tuition: $30,990
  • Evening undergraduate tuition: $435-$500 per credit hour
  • Graduate tuition: $560-650 per credit hour
  • Doctor of nursing practice tuition and master of science in nursing: $825 credit hour
  • Pharmacy annual tuition: $37,360
  • RN-BSN online: $350 per credit hour
  • Undergraduate online: $475 per credit hour
  • Graduate online: $605 per credit hour
  • Orlando undergraduate: $455 per credit hour
  • Orlando graduate: $525-575 per credit hour
  • 97% of all degree-seeking undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid or 98% of all undergraduate day students
  • $103.7 million operating budget
  • $81.2 million endowment
  • $403.5 million local economic impact

Accreditation Statement

View the accreditation statement as well as specialized accreditations, certifications or licensures from other organizations here

Workship: A Tradition of Service Since 1968

Workship is a distinctive community service program that responds to human needs with Christ-like action in the community and the world. Through community service, students can discern their vocation and develop a life-long habit of servant leadership. To date, Palm Beach Atlantic students have volunteered more than 3.3 million hours.

American Free Enterprise

Palm Beach Atlantic University confidently affirms the values and institutions that historically have informed American society—religious liberty; traditional Judeo-Christian morality; limited, constitutional government; the Rule of Law; personal and political accountability; and capitalism—the system of free enterprise. We believe that America is truly an exceptional nation, which was founded and has flourished under the guiding providential hand of God. We aim to develop in each of our students an appreciation for the unique American achievement in its many dimensions—social, political, economic, moral, legal, and religious. 

Our general education curriculum, required of all students, includes a course entitled “Freedom in American Society,” which examines the meaning and significance of freedom in the American experience. Students explore such topics as the historical roots of American liberty, with special emphasis on the close link between liberty and Christianity, and the nature of freedom as understood by the chief architects of the American political order. They examine the interdependence between political and economic freedom, in particular, the significance of free-enterprise capitalism for the preservation of liberty. They learn about the structure of American constitutional democracy and the traditional meaning of justice and the Rule of Law.

These studies help students recognize the various threats to individual freedom, religious liberty, and other traditional American rights and values that have emerged over the past several centuries, as well as contemporary challenges to their preservation.       

Cicero remarked of the declining Republic of his era: “Our age . . . inherited the Republic like some beautiful painting of bygone days, its colors already fading through great age; and not only has our time neglected to freshen the colors of the picture, but we have failed to preserve its form and outlines.” Palm Beach Atlantic University strives to ensure that a similar fate does not befall the noble American experiment in ordered liberty. We regard the transmission of the American cultural heritage to the rising generation as not only a profound joy, but also a profound duty.