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Head Shot of Alumna Holly Grace
Name: Holly Grace
Major: Nursing
Class of 2018

When I came to PBA, my dream was to impact the world through nursing and music. I have always had a passion for both, so I decided to major in nursing while continuing to pursue my love of music on the side.

PBA gave me many opportunities to use my gift of music by leading worship in various clubs and events such as Women’s Night Of Worship, Flourish, and SONshine.

During my time at PBA I also had the opportunity to record some of my original Christian music and release it to major platforms such as iTunes and Spotify - which was something that I had dreamed of for many years.

I had also always dreamed of traveling abroad to help those in need, and PBA gave me amazing opportunities to do so. I was fortunate to go on 2 medical mission trips - one to the Amazon in Brazil and one to El Salvador. Both gave me incredible opportunities to not only serve those in need of medical care, but also to share the love of Christ through my music to those we were serving.

Finally, PBA and my incredible professors helped me to get a nursing job at a Christ-centered hospital in Nashville, TN, where I am now pursuing both of my passions, music and nursing. And I can’t wait to see where life takes me!