Ralph Pierre ‘19

Ralph Pierre

Currently: Columbia University, New York City
Program: Doctor of Dental Surgery

From PBA to the Ivy League

PBA empowered 2019 graduate Ralph Pierre to draw closer to God and the Ivy League. After earning his degree in biology, the Jupiter, Florida, native enrolled in the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at Columbia University in New York City.

“I knew I would get more attention.”

While there were many factors to Pierre’s decision to transfer to PBA, the size of the school and the small classes were key.

“I chose PBA because it was a Christian university. Also, the small class size appealed to me because I knew that I would get more attention from the professors and learn the material better. This proved true. I had easy access to my professors and I was always able to set up appointments if I ever had any questions about the material in the class.”

“We helped beautify Belle Glade and spread the word of God.”

One of the most impactful experiences during Pierre’s time at PBA was engaging in Workship to serve as a role model for young students and give back to the community.

“My favorite workship activity was serving in Belle Glade through Christ Fellowship. I led a group of middle schoolers and we went into Belle Glade and helped to beautify the city and spread the word of God.”

“I could always take a walk or bike near the waterfront.”

The campus setting in downtown West Palm Beach offered the best of all worlds for Pierre, with endless opportunities to connect, relax, study and have fun.

“Growing up in the Palm Beach area, I am very familiar with the downtown location. One of the things that I really like about the downtown location is how close it is to the water. I can always take a walk or bike near the waterfront if I ever wanted to clear my head. Also, the school being in downtown means that there’s always a spot to go and hangout on the weekends.”

“PBA has done a lot to help me achieve my goal.”

PBA’s exceptional academic programming, individualized learning environment and faculty advising delivered the preparation Pierre needed to achieve his dream.

“I aspire to be a dentist and PBA has done a lot to help achieve my goal. The science classes are very thorough and prepared me well for the standardized test to get into dental school.  With a bit of studying on my own to supplement what I had already learned at PBA, I felt very confident and was very pleased with my score.”