Hunter Durham '17

hunter durhamInternship: Dell, Microsoft
First Job: Facebook
Currently: Earthsider
Location: Austin, Texas

E-commerce With a Soul

Upon graduating from PBA and after working at Facebook in Austin, Texas, Hunter Durham has moved on to a position with innovative e-commerce websites that promote eco-friendly products and donate a portion of their profits to causes that support cleaning the environment.

“I developed a spirit of entrepreneurship.”

Around virtually every corner on the PBA campus, Durham found daily opportunities to foster his interest in marketing and expand his skills.

“I developed a spirit of entrepreneurship, became inspired to solve real-world challenges and expanded my background in social media. PBA helped me build my portfolio and become an experienced marketing professional.”

“PBA molded me into the person I am today.”

Through his participation in PBA’s Supper Honors Program, Durham gained the knowledge and perspective he knew he would need to become a better professional, person and Christian.

One of the biggest ways PBA helped me succeed was molding me into the person I am today. The Supper Honors program gave me a deep perspective into thousands of years of philosophical, political and foundational thought that help me better connect and relate to people around me. My worldview has allowed me to quickly connect with others and understand their thoughts, which is an invaluable trait in the business world.”

“I took advantage of every opportunity I could.”

A fulfilling and enlightening array of hands-on learning experiences gave Durham the preparation he needed to succeed immediately after graduating.

“From starting PBA’s American Marketing Association chapter, to interning with Dell and Microsoft, to becoming the student brand manager for Red Bull and earning the Jacobson and LAGRANT scholarships, these opportunities offer the kind of preparation you can’t get in a classroom.”

“Earthsider will cross $1 million in revenue after just four months.”

One of the e-commerce websites Durham works for,, sells eco-friendly products and donates profits to clean plastics out of the world’s oceans.

“Over the next few months, I am focused on improving our customer experience, developing new products and improving the quality of the products we currently sell. I’m also the people manager on one side of the business and will be putting together a bigger team based in the U.S.”