Office of Academic Research

With our focus firmly fixed on the future, Palm Beach Atlantic University is a community of creative, innovative and dedicated thinkers. Collectively, our highly respected faculty and students embrace combining our intellectual competencies with an adventurer’s spirit in order to help solve some of society’s most complex challenges and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

labThe Office of Academic Research of Palm Beach Atlantic University exists in order to facilitate:

  • the contributions to the advancement of knowledge, scholarly inquiry, and methods of understanding within the disciplines represented by the faculty and students of Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • activities that enhance the university as a respected institution of higher education at the regional, national, and, eventually the international levels
  • support for our faculty as respected experts in the disciplines that they teach and provide our students with access to timely, relevant information in the classroom
  • the integration of our undergraduate and graduate students in research and creative activities as appropriate to their discipline
  • a system for better preparation of our students for graduate and professional schools and the 21st century workforce
  • access to private funding resources, thereby increasing the competitiveness of both faculty and students for national scholarships and awards
  • creative and productive partnerships with local and statewide as well as regional community members to solve problems and enhance the overall quality of life in South Florida and beyond

The Office of Academic Research also includes the two regulatory research bodies of Palm Beach Atlantic University:

Last, the Office of Academic Research and its partners present Palm Beach Atlantic’s Interdisciplinary Research Conference.


Christian Mission 

Research is part of our Christian mission.  Learn how about how we  recognize and use our  talents in His service. 

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Impact of Research

Our students have unique opportunities to participate in exciting, rewarding and challenging research projects, preparing them for careers. 

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A Celebration of Scholarship

The Interdisciplinary Research Conference  gives students the opportunity to present scholarly work to the campus community.

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