Academic & Devotional Growth

Fueling Your Spirit

The academic growth you experience at PBA will be enhanced by a Christ-centered culture. This added dimension will distinguish you throughout your career and set you apart as a professional and leader.

Guiding Principles

Anyone who becomes associated with PBA as trustees, officers, faculty or staff must believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments; that man was directly created by God; that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin; that He is the Son of God, our Lord and Savior; that He died for the sins of all men and thereafter arose from the grave; that by repentance and the acceptance of and belief in Him, by the grace of God, the individual is saved from eternal damnation and receives eternal life in the presence of God; and it is further resolved that the ultimate teachings in this University shall always be consistent with the above principles.

A Beacon of Light

Launched at PBA in 1984, American Free Enterprise Day is a tradition designed to celebrate the achievements of individuals who exemplify the best of America’s free enterprise system. Medals are awarded to a group of worthy individuals and we recognize a medalist of the year. Taking part in this tradition will open your eyes to how successful businessmen and women make decisions based on biblical principles.

Community and Family

For more than 20 years, PBA has recognized and honored women who cherish the notions of community and family, and want to preserve these sacred ideals for future generations. These accomplished women are recognized during
our Women of Distinction Luncheon, with proceeds going toward a scholarship fund for deserving female students.

New Discoveries

The Interdisciplinary Research Conference is a celebration of scholarship, creative activity and student work in which the exchange of ideas is shared among all fields of inquiry. Students and faculty present their findings and express the outcomes of their learning in areas ranging from the hard sciences to the arts, service learning and literary criticism.

Enlightening Minds

Enlightening Minds is the companion publication of PBA faculty and student research published ore presented at academic conferences each year.

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Medalist of the Year

The 2018 Medalist of the Year at PBA’s American Free Enterprise Day was George Elmore, founder of Hardrives Inc.

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Women of Distinction

The 2019 Honorees as Women of Distinction were Audrey Gruss and Laurie S. Silvers.

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