Hurricane Warning

If a hurricane warning is issued for Palm Beach County, the University might cancel classes, evacuate residential students to safety or close campus offices.

Updates concerning changes in the University’s operations will be communicated through a variety of official channels. It is important that you continually monitor e-mail and the Emergency Information Numbers as fast approaching storms might only provide several hours notice of closings or cancellations. Also watch for updates on home page and through PBA's main social media outlets at the PBA Facebook page and the PBA Twitter account.

What to do in a Hurricane Warning:
  1. Prepare to execute your personal hurricane plan. Share your plans with family and friends.
  2. Since high winds and heavy rain produce power outages or water coming in through unusual places, it is important to prepare your residence room or office and equipment.
  3. Get everything up off the floor (including electrical cords and powerstrips).
  4. Cover computers, televisions, books, files, etc.
  5. Secure in a safe place irreplaceable items or valuables (PBA’s insurance will NOT cover losses of personal items or equipment).
  6. Remove perishable items from refrigerators.
  7. If you do evacuate, take with you clothing, medications and other items you might need for several days or even a week.

  • If the campus is closed, University officials will lock down buildings once they are empty.

  • Admittance after the storm is not allowed until the each building is inspected for safety and life-safety equipment (i.e. the fire alarm) is operational.