After a Storm

Shortly after the storm passes, Crisis Management Team members and campus security will return to campus to assess conditions. Each campus building will be assessed for damages and habitability.

Campus clean-up and repairs will begin as soon as possible. However, students, staff and faculty, other than those designated as essential, should NOT return to campus until notified by University officials. 

Once any safety issues are addressed, the University President determines when the campus will reopen. Announcements concerning when staff, faculty and students can return are communicated through several official sources: e-mail listservs, PBA website (, campus cable system, campus telephone system and information lines. NOTE: While the University's main social media outlets (PBA Facebook page and PBA Twitter) can be a good source for general communication, nothing there should be considered "official" unless it is posted by the University.

• Employees: Call 803-2088 or 1-800-299-6483
• Students, parents, public: Call 1-800-400-5076