Christian Life

2012 Mission Trips

Interested in learning more about student missions: contact our Director of Campus Ministries office at (561) 803-2540. 

Spring Break

Bolivia: Care for orphans; lead sidewalk Sunday schools; mentor youth; work on projects.

Rio, Brazil: Assist the local church with after school tutoring, sports and build relationships with youth.

Amazon, Brazil: Travel to the Amazon River and assist with medical clinics and youth ministry in villages.

Caribbean: Encourage the local church, and build relationships with the youth.

D.R. I: Assist a local church with work projects, and build relationships with youth in a mountain community.

D.R. II: Assist a local church with work projects, and build relationships in a barrio. (Participant priority for Baxter Hall)

Haiti: Care for orphans, and help with relief and development projects.
Honduras: Assist a new church plant, and work projects and community outreach.

Jamaica: Assist local churches with youth, and community outreach in Montego Bay and a mountain community.


Refugees: Serve a refugee community in Africa. Participant priority is for ministry, psychology, nursing and pre-med majors.  

Asia: Host coffee houses, build relationships and teach English at a university.

S. Africa Trek: Serve in creative outreach, mercy ministry, sports, arts and youth work in various communities.

U.K. Olympic Fest: Serve local communities by assisting churches with street festivals and music.

Sweden: Build relationships, host coffee houses and use music, art and sports to assist a new church.

Cambodia: Assist a church with community development projects, youth outreach and conversational English groups.

Thailand: Assist a new community development project with youth outreach and conversational English groups.

Swaziland: Assist home health care givers with family home visits, assist with a new pre-school and serve the local church with an after school program for youth.

South Asia: Build relationships, and serve the church in slum communities.

Great Lakes: Build relationships, and serve internationals without leaving the U.S.