The PBA Difference

Jason Straussman discusses studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Study Abroad: The Rinker Center for Experiential Learning

David and Leighan Rinker, with the Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, have established the Rinker Center for Experiential Learning (CEL). The center provides an engaged, academic travel study experience for students. Educational benefits of the program include understanding the history and culture of the country visited as well as increasing employability.

You will learn to appreciate the cultural expressions of the country, including artwork, literature, languages, religion and architecture, as well as living as a Christian student abroad.

Spring Semester in London

London is one of the most successful cities in the world with strengths in arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, tourism and transport, not to mention, a history spanning almost 2,000 years including surviving the Romans, the Saxons, the Great Fire and two world wars.

Your Experience

You will live at a host university, University of Roehampton, London's only campus university. Some coursework will be taught by a PBA faculty member, and you also will have the opportunity to take courses offered by the University of Roehampton. The university has a broad range of expertise across the areas of education, arts and humanities, human and life sciences and social sciences.

Spring Semester in Italy

Through Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM):The Italian International Institute, you can spend the entire semester studying in Florence, Italy; or study in three cities: Tuscania, Rome, Venice. The areas of study include: Art, Art History, Business, Communication, Culinary, Fashion Design, Marketing and Merchandising, Graphic Design, History, Interior Design, Italian Language & Literature, Nutritional Arts, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Psychology.

Your Experience

Highlights of the Italy experience include:

  • Comprehensive academic programs
  • Hands-on coursework in art restoration, design, film and archaeology
  • Strong connections to the community; many opportunities for community projects
  • Partnership with the University of Florence and local businesses, government, and festivals
  • Weekends and breaks are available for travel around Italy and Europe
  • Popular student clubs
  • Courses in English

Additional Exciting Programs

BCA (Bridge Connect Act) Programs - offered in the following locations:
Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Brussels, Belgium; Cheltenham, England; Chennai, India; Dalian, China; Dunedin, New Zealand; Marburg, Germany; Quito, Ecuador; Ramallah, Palestine; Sapporo, Japan; The Hague Valladolid, Spain;Vienna, Austria; Xalapa, Mexico

Best Semester Programs — through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, you can study for a semester at Christ-centered institutions around the world: China Studies Program; India Studies Program; Latin American Studies Program; Middle East Studies Program; Oxford Scholars semester; Uganda Studies Program.

Other Programs
International Christian College in Glasgow, Scotland; University of Edinburgh.

Contact Us 

For more information on study abroard programs, send an email to the Rinker Center for Experiential Learning.