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August 02, 2015

Speakers Bureau & Experts Guide

The Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) Speaker and Expert Guide is a tool to help local and national journalists create more compelling stories by identifying and connecting with University faculty members. In addition, the guide helps churches and program chairmen of civic and educational organizations to find interesting and informed speakers.
When using this guide, please keep in mind that faculty are on campus according to an academic calendar; you’re not likely to find them during Christmas or spring breaks, for example (check the university calendar for additional information). In addition, students and classes are uppermost in the minds of faculty members, and they may not be immediately available.

To arrange an interview with one of the experts and for general information about PBA, please feel free to contact me directly:

Becky Peeling, APR
Assoc. V.P. for University Relations & Marketing
Phone: (561) 803-2018 or (561) 801-3301


FInd an expert by subject:



Adolescents: Emery Twoey

Adult education: Emery Twoey

African American religious history: Terriel Byrd

Allied health professional: Seena Haines

American foreign policy: John Calhoun

American government: John Calhoun

Apologetics: Paul Copan



Bats: Maurice Thomas

Biblical multiculturalism and racial reconciliation: Terriel Byrd

Biblical studies: Bernard Cueto, Karelynne Ayayo, Nathan Lane, Paul Copan, Randy Richards, Victor Copan

Biology: Maurice Thomas, Peggy VanArman, Ray Waldner

British literature: Susan Jones

Business: Joe Eassa Jr.

Church and urbanization issues: Terriel Byrd

Church ministry and leadership: Jonathan Grenz, Randy Richards, Terriel Byrd

Communication: Charles Lester, Tom St. Antoine, Stephanie Bennett

C.S. Lewis: Samuel Joeckel


Drug Delivery System: Adwoa Nornoo


Ecology: Tom Chesnes

Economics: Cora BarnhartLinda Raeder

Endocrinology: Seena Haines

Education: Emery Twoey

English: Kathleen Anderson, Samuel Joeckel, Susan Jones, Beate Rodewald

Estuaries: Tom Chesnes

Ethics: Paul Copan, Craig Hanson

Evangelism: Paul Copan, Gerald Wright



Family Medicine: Curt Carlson

Film: Alex Wainer

Fishing: Maurice Thomas, Ray Waldner

Florida literature: Susan Jones

Food and agriculture politics: Wes Jamison



Herbal/Complementary alternative medicine: Dana Brown


Home schooling: Beth Hallquist, Donald McCulloch

Humanities: Wes Borucki, Linda Raeder

             Hypertension/Heart Failure: Marile Santamarina



Immunization/Vaccines: Elias Chahine

Infectious Diseases: Elias Chahine

Islam: Paul Copan, Gerald Wright

Jane Austen: Kathleen Anderson, Susan Jones

Jazz: Roget Pontbriand


Language: Maria Perez-Rivera

Latin America (culture and literature): Maria Perez-Rivera

Leadership: Craig Domeck, Jim Laub

Literature, Victorian: Kathleen Anderson


Management: Jim Laub

Marriage and family issues: Donald McCulloch, Henry Virkler

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in America: Terriel Byrd

Mass Spectrometry: Jim Mitroka


Medication therapy management: Seena Haines

Medieval and Renaissance literature: Susan Jones

Men's  Health: Dana Brown

Ministry leadership and practice: Jonathan Grenz, Randy Richards, Terriel Byrd

Missions/cross-cultural ministry: Gerald Wright






Parties and elections: John Calhoun

Pharmacy: Seena Haines

Pharmacology: Seena Haines
Philosophy: Paul Copan, Craig Hanson

Physical Education K12: Denise Breitkreuz

Political Science:

Political theory: Linda Raeder

Popular culture: Alex Wainer

Preaching: Bernard Cueto, Terriel Byrd

Psychology: Donald McCulloch, Henry Virkler

Psychosocial Determinants of Health: Jamie Fairclough

Public Relations: Wes Jamison, Charles Lester

Public opinion: John Calhoun


Relationship issues: Donald McCulloch

Religion and culture: Terriel Byrd, Paul Copan
Religion and race: Terriel Byrd
Research: David Compton
Resilience in leaders: Craig Domeck


Science and religion: Tom Chesnes

Shakespeare: Susan Jones

Spain (literature and culture): Maria Perez-Rivera

Spanish Pharmacy: Marile Santamarina

Speech/communications: Tom St. Antoine

Sports medicine: Tyler Hamilton
Spiritual formation: Victor Copan

Stress and Health: Jamie Fairclough
Study Abroad: Randy Richards, Jonathan Grenz
Sustainability: Tom Chesnes


Theology: Paul Copan



Victorian literature: Kathleen Anderson


Women's studies: Kathleen Anderson




Youth ministry/student ministries: Jonathan Grenz




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West Palm Beach, FL 33401
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