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August 02, 2015

Graduating Seniors Offer Advice on Community and Prayer

December 2, 2011
    Graduating seniors Natalie Diaz and Aaron Milton

A community of like-minded friends has the potential to sharpen one another as iron can sharpen iron, but not when friends become judgmental without first looking at self, says Palm Beach Atlantic University senior Aaron Milton.

“Iron doesn’t always sharpen iron,” said Milton, sharing his thoughts about Proverb 27:17 to an audience of his fellow students during the closing day of PBA's Senior Chapel series, which began Monday in the DeSantis Family Chapel. Senior Natalie Diaz also spoke during Thursday's session.

Milton, a 22-year-old from Palm Bay, Fla. who is pursuing a double major in biblical and theological studies and a bachelor’s of arts in music, said that as an undergrad he learned the importance of community as it pertains to vulnerability and judgment.

Returning to his iron analogy, Milton said, “Clashing and banging against each other dulls it down. Judgment can dull it down. When you’re going the same direction, side by side, that allows you to sharpen one another."

Emma Rooney, a senior music education major, performed "En prière" by Fauré    
Milton referred to judgment not in the sense of just criticizing one another.  Rather, first look into your own life, assess what causes your vulnerability and see how God can use your brokenness to help someone else. He suggested that is what Christ refers to in Matthew 7:1-5, removing the plank from your own eye before attempting to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

“This causes you to come closer to your brother in humility to help your brother,” he said.

After graduation Milton plans on working part-time at a church, and  to continue his studies at a seminary.

Other students who spoke during the series were Will Clark, Cynthia Newman, Aimee Yocum, Sara Sebul, Jenny Bacallao and Graham White.

Diaz, a biology major with a concentration in pre-health professional preparation, shared that she relies on asking God for wisdom in everything she does, as reflected in James 1:5-6.

“If you were to ask me what defined my time at PBA, I would say asking for wisdom,” said Diaz, a native of Cooper City, Fla.

“There will be some tough decisions, when you don’t see a clean cut answer,” she said. “Ask for wisdom, and God will give it to you generously. If it’s hard to pray, ask the Lord for a desire to pray.”

She also stressed it’s important to be mentored and to mentor others.

“I have been blessed to have people both on and off campus pour into my life, and I was able to pass it on to others,” Diaz said. “Have people of maturity and truth pour into your life, so you can pass it on.”

Diaz has been accepted into graduate school and plans to become a doctor of optometry.

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