School of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

The Programs

The School of Arts & Sciences is PBA's largest school with more than 10 different majors.


Students learn in a PBA English class under the School of Arts & Sciences.
  • Outstanding scholars
  • Respected experts
  • Christian mentors
  • Passionate teachers

You’ll have opportunities to:

  • Experience the diversity of the natural sciences
  • Discover the orderliness of God’s creation in mathematics
  • Develop your own analytical abilities
  • Delve deep history, language and philosophies that have shaped the world as we know it
  • Prepare yourself for a career in the law or as a shaper of the law via political science

Arts & Humanities

Why Study Natural Science at PBA?

Textbooks come to life when you study at PBA, a university that is just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and other natural habitats, including:

  • Lake Worth Lagoon
  • Lake Okeechobee
  • Everglades

Biology and Medicinal and Biological Chemistry students benefit from the numerous research facilities in South Florida.

PBA is one of only a few schools in the country to offer a medicinal and biological chemistry major at the bachelor level and is one of the few Christian institutions to offer a concentration in marine biology and an oceanography minor.

Want to enhance what you’re learning in the classroom?

Join the Science, Marine Biology and Pre-Health clubs at PBA and experience field trips and other activities.

Our students are prepared to go on to graduate or professional programs, or to exciting careers as professional scientists in:

  • Biology — positions such as Consumer Safety Officer; Environmental Health Specialist; Food Technologist; Medical Lab Technician; Quality Assurance Manager; Zoo Curator
  • Chemistry — work in Research & Development; Medicine; Biotechnology; Forensic Science; Government; Law; Museum Conservation; Education; Business Ownership
  • Oceanography — work for Fisheries Services; the Military; Environmental Protection Agencies; Oceanariums; Marine-oriented Companies

Why Study Mathematics and Computer Science at PBA?

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department was selected as one of just 39 colleges and universities to receive a HP Technology for Teaching grant, designed to improve learning in the classroom through technology. PBA used this grant to redesign calculus courses to help students like you express calculus concepts from a graphical, tabular, symbolic and verbal standpoint.

You’ll benefit from clubs like the Mathematics Club, activities like Pi Day and from free tutoring and computer-based support in math and engineering.

Your PBA education will prepare you for advanced studies in graduate or professional programs and for careers in:

Mathematics — positions such as Credit Manager; Information Scientist; Inventory Control Specialist; Marketing Research Analyst; Bank Officer; Actuary; Computer Programmer; Loan Officer

Computer Science — careers in Computer Programming; Internet-oriented Programming; Legacy Systems Conversion; Information Systems Security

Speaking of PBA...

“My pharmacy professors stressed leadership, professionalism and integrating faith into your practice. They were accommodating and worked with me. Everyone in the program was willing to work to help each other reach their goals.”
-- Dr. April Neuhart Beebe, alumna, Clinical Pharmacist, Texas Health Resources Hurst-Euless-Bedford, Bedford, Texas

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