School of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

The Programs

The School of Arts & Sciences is PBA's largest school with more than 10 different majors.

For more detailed information on programs within the School of Arts & Sciences:

Arts & Humanities

Natural Science, Mathematics and Computers


Students learn in a PBA English class under the School of Arts & Sciences.
  • Outstanding scholars
  • Respected experts
  • Christian mentors
  • Passionate teachers

You’ll have opportunities to:

  • Experience the diversity of the natural sciences in studies that lead to vocations in health, marine biology, professional school programs, forensic science and research opportunities
  • Explore the history, literature, and ideas that have changed the world
  • Discover the orderliness of God’s creation in mathematics
  • Study the languages and works of art that have expressed the faith, curiousity, and creativity of humankind
  • Develop your own analytical abilities
  • Prepare yourself for a career in the law or as a shaper of the law via politics


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