Financial Aid

SALT Program Helps Students, Alumni Manage Finances, Loans

Learn more about SALT, a program designed to help students pay off their student loans effectively and efficiently.

Are you nervous about making the right decisions when it comes to managing your finances and student loan debt?

In March 2012, PBA became a part of the growing list of higher education institutions nationwide that are offering a program called SALT (not an acronym) to help students and new alumni manage their money and student loans.

SALT is a dynamic, multichannel educational program that spans financing higher education and successful management of student loans.

When using SALT, you will have the opportunity to work with both SALT and PBA financial experts. SALT is a supplement to courses offered on campus through FYE (First-year Experience) and the Financial Planning department.

With SALT, students and alumni can:

  • Keep track of student loans and how monthly payments change with each additional loan borrowed.
  • Learn how to budget and manage your money wisely.
  • Search for scholarships.
  • Look for an internship or job.
  • Learn why credit and credit reports are important.
  • Get loan advice from an expert counselor.
  • Take one-hour courses on how to boost your credit score, taking charge of your plastic, how to pick the perfect bank, budgeting, identity theft, and financial aid.

American Student Assistance® is a 56-year-old nonprofit organization with a proven record of educating, empowering and engaging college students and alumni to own their finances and successfully manage and repay their student loan debt.

For more information on SALT, visit Register online to use SALT at For assistance in signing up, contact SALT member services at (855) 469-2724 or