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August 22, 2014

The President's Report: 2013

As One Mind and One Voice*


Dear PBA Alumni, Parents and Friends,

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It is essential to the health and vitality of any organization to periodically assess the direction in which it is headed. Where are energies and resources being placed? Are they in keeping with the mission and vision of the organization? And are the components working together to create a unified message?

So it is with PBA that our leadership set out over the past year to prayerfully consider areas of focus for the University in the next three years. The overarching question in every discussion was always: How does this serve our students spiritually and academically to help prepare them to be engaged, successful adults?

Together we analyzed various internal and external factors and trends that are expected to impact our institution during the coming years. We emerged with four strategic themes as the focus of our efforts:

  • Spiritual vitality
  • Engaged learning environment
  • Financial sustainability
  • Strategic growth and innovation

While individual in focus, the themes are cohesive in their reflection of PBA’s mission. Our goal in the coming months and years is to instill these standards in everything PBA does—and in fact is doing. One of the encouraging outcomes of this process has been to show us that PBA already is excelling in numerous ways in each of these areas. 

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In terms of spiritual vitality, consider the medical missions of the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy. We often read about organizations sending medical teams to underserved populations. As a result, we may think that PBA’s program is just like everyone else’s. The truth is far from that, as you’ll read in the pages that follow.

In the area of engaged learning environment, we’ll look at the work of chemistry professor Mireille Aleman, Ph.D. She is conducting important cancer research, and she is including undergraduate students in the process. She and other professors are teaching students how to conduct professional-level laboratory research that will give them a powerful edge as they continue their education and ultimately embark on their careers.

Examples of our financial sustainability are found in our long-time friendship with the Rinker family. Their support
of PBA began with Marshall E. Rinker Sr. at our founding and continues today through John and Sheila Rinker together with the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Foundation. Most recently, the Foundation donated $4 million toward the construction of our new athletic complex—aptly named the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus in honor of the tremendous gift. Also continuing the family tradition of philanthropy, David and Leighan Rinker with the Marshall E. Rinker Sr. Foundation have established the Rinker Center for Experiential Learning, which enhances the student experience through organized student programs outside the United States.

In the realm of strategic growth and innovation, I present our new Master of Divinity program as a stellar example. Asked by Dean Randy Richards to “dream the perfect M.Div. program,” the wise and discerning professors in the School of Ministry developed a curriculum that truly elevates PBA above other programs.

In surveying these accomplishments—and  so many more that you’ll read about in these pages—I am most proud of the unity of mind and purpose they represent. We are indeed working together with one mind and one voice to enlighten minds, extend hands and enrich souls. We can look forward with great optimism to PBA’s future.





William M. B. Fleming, Jr.
Palm Beach Atlantic University

*From Page 2 of the report


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