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Pharmacy Admissions

If you have any questions about the admissions and the application process, please call 561-803-2750 or by e-mail.


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1.    How much is the deposit?

There are a total of three (3) deposits due. The first deposit of $750 is due within two (2) weeks of being awarded an offer.  The second deposit of $1,250 is due May 1. The last deposit of $250 is due on July 15.

2.    Why are there so many deposits?

While the amount we require to reserve your seat remains the same, we divided the payments into several due dates to help alleviate the initial expense of one large deposit.  This also assists in maintaining an accurate class count.
3.    What if I am unable to pay the deposit?

If you are unable to pay the deposits, please contact the admissions office to arrange a payment plan. Payment plans are on a case-by-case, however we will try our best to accommodate you.

4.    What form of payments do you accept?

To pay your deposits, we accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Credit card payments maybe made over the phone by calling the admissions office at (561) 803-2750. Cash payment maybe brought into the admissions office. Checks can be dropped off or mailed to:

Palm Beach Atlantic University
Attn: Pharmacy Admissions
901 S. Flager Drive
P.O. Box 24708
West Palm Beach, FL 33416

5.    I heard that there was a Facebook group for my class. How can I be added to the group?

After you have formally accepted your offer and paid the first deposit, the admissions office will send an invite to your email list on PharmCAS. If the email you use for social media is different than the one we have on file, please notify us via email so that we can add you to the group.

6.    Are there any additional fees on top of the tuition?

Yes, in addition to the tuition, there are lab fees, a one-time computer fee, and a small university fee.

7.    Are books included, if not, how much should I expect to spend?

Books are not included in the tuition. The cost of books will vary from semester to semester. Some courses may not require books. While others may require a book, in those instances, used books and electronic copies may be purchased to save on cost.

8.    Now that I have been accepted, when do I get my intern license?

Your intern application will be emailed to you during the summer. It will be processed after the start of fall classes to ensure that you are a pharmacy candidate eligible to receive the license.

9.    When do I start rotations?

Your first rotation (IPPE) will take place during the spring semester of your P1 year and will be in a community/retail pharmacy. Then you will continue to complete a series of rotation until your fourth year. During the fourth year you will have 10 APPE rotations before graduation.

10.    Are rotations mandatory?

Yes you must complete the required hours and numbers of rotations to maintain your candidacy.

11.    I am interested in research, what kinds of opportunities are available at PBA?

Many of our students and faculty members are actively involved in ongoing research projects.  Currently, we have one faculty member studying the hair follicles to test stress levels. Another research involves the study of athlete enhancers and the core ingredient in that drug.  A faculty research forum is held each spring highlighting the various research topics and potential options for student collaboration.  There are also paid student research opportunities in the summer.

12.    Are there special parking arrangements for Pharmacy Students?

There are designated areas for “future student” available for you to park while visiting our school. However, once you become a student, you will be issued a free commuters decal that allows you to park in a designated commuters’ lot. Additional parking will be available in the garage for a small fee charged by the university.

13.    What is the estimated cost of living per year?

The estimated cost of living varies depending on location. One can expect rent to be above $1,000 for a luxury unit within the downtown area. If you are willing to drive 10-15 minutes to school, rent can range from $400-$800 depending on the number of roommates. Cost on food and gas depends on the lifestyle you chose to live.

14.    Do you have any housing recommendations?

Housing availability changes from month to month. Recommendations will be listed on Facebook as it becomes available. However, it is your responsibility to contact the landlord to secure the lease.  Students can also utilize the Facebook page to find roommates.

15.    Are immunizations required?

Immunizations are required for all pharmacy students. The Health and Wellness Office will maintain records to verify student’s health and immunization compliance. You must satisfy these requirements before your internship at rotation sites. This is for the safety of our students and the safety of the patients.  New students will be send information on immunizations prior to the start of classes.

16.    Is a physical exam required?

Pharmacy students are required to participate in annual physical checkups to verify their health status. Physicals maybe completed by any clinic or Physician of your choice. This is for the safety of our students and the patients.
17.    What type of insurance coverage is required by Palm Beach Atlantic University?

General health coverage is required by the University.  PBA offers medical coverage or you can opt out and use your own medical coverage.  Your insurance must cover at least clinic visits and emergency hospitalizations. For more details, please check with our Health and Wellness Department.

18.    I am an international student. Will the school help prepare my student visa (F-1)?

Yes, after you have been interviewed, offered, and paid the deposit; the admissions office will work with you to either transfer or apply for a student visa. Keep in mind that you must pass the interview with the Consulate and be approved for a student visa prior to the start of orientation.

19.    I am an international student. Can my spouse come to the United States with me?

Spouse and dependents may travel on an F-2 visa. They may stay in the United States, as long as the student maintains their student visa status. For more information, please check with the Department of Homeland Security.

20.    I am an international student. Can my family visit me during my studies?

Your family may visit you throughout your studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University.  Keep in mind they must obtain a tourist/visitor’s visa. Visas may easily be approved for Covenant, Hooding and Graduation Ceremonies pending their interview with the Consulate. For assistance, please contact the Gregory School of Pharmacy.


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