MacArthur School of Leadership

Why Study for a Dual Degree?

Earning a dual degree gives you a competitive edge in the professional world and allows you to expand you skills and knowledge.

Earning your bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management along with your master’s degree in Leadership at the MacArthur School of Leadership will give you a competitive advantage in today’s challenging employment arena.

Christian-focused classes emphasize values and ethics in the workplace and in life.

With this dual degree, you will gain the personal growth, knowledge and skills to:

Lead and foster change as you manage people and processes

  • Communicate effectively and make solid decisions
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Understand the value of a multicultural organization and create a collaborative environment for more effective teams
  • Build a solid foundation for sustainable leadership proficiencies
  • Develop a leadership mindset and learn to initiate change
  • Think critically and analytically
  • Create and foster effective teams that accomplish organizational objectives
  • Advance from manager to leader