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Biblical and Theological Studies

The Biblical and Theological Studies major at Palm Beach Atlantic University provides a comprehensive study of the Biblical Scriptures. You will learn to explore the Biblical text at a deeper level for the purpose of interpreting it faithfully and communicating it effectively.  Your theological studies will help you answer important questions about the content of the Christian faith and what it means to live as a Christian in this world.  Our major is designed to assist you in understanding the Bible and Christian theology in a way that enables you to be a Christian leader and teacher of others. 


Your Courses & Classes


As a Biblical and Theological Studies major at PBA, you'll:

  • Learn to recognize and interpret the various genres of the Bible’s books
  • Learn the biblical languages of Hebrew or Greek
  • Learn to  think theologically and comprehensively about life and ministry
  • Receive a high level of academic preparation for further studies at top Seminaries and/or Universities
  • Have huge opportunities for hands-on experience through Workship projects and 20 or more PBA mission trips annually


Your Faculty

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You’ll learn from respected scholars and theologians, who pour into students' lives both inside and outside of the classroom. Every instructor in the department is directly engaged in local ministry. 


Your Opportunities
As a Biblical and Theological Studies major, you will find it natural to link up with local and international agencies like: Urban Youth Impact, Hannah’s Home, International Mission Board, OM, Pioneers, Global Refuge International, CIN, Islego, 2allnations, Gocorp, Bethlehem Christmas Project. 
Some students graduating with this major go straight into ministry positions; others decide to pursue seminary or graduate study.  Both groups tell us they feel very well prepared for situation God has given them.

You can begin your work experience with:

  • Missions agencies
  • Local churches or parachurch groups
  • International non-governmental or humanitarian organizations 

Dr. Paul Copan is part of the Biblical and Theological Studies program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. PBA is a comprehensive, accredited Christ-center college located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

You might like to know ... 

Our professors wrote the book

Many of the textbooks you’ll use in your PBA studies -- and that are used extensively at other colleges and universities -- are written by PBA faculty members. One of the more prolific is Dr. Paul Copan, a professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics. He holds a B.A. from Columbia International University, an M.A. and M.Div. from Trinity International University, and a Ph.D. from Marquette University. He joined PBA in 2004. CLICK HERE to read more about all that Dr. Copan has written.


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