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August 02, 2015

Mathematics and Computer Science

        The dual major of Mathematics and Computer Science at Palm Beach Atlantic University will prepare you for a career or further study.

The areas of computer science and mathematics are related to one another in many ways. The foundation of computer science has its roots in mathematics, as mathematics is an important tool in understanding structures and systems in computer science. While, advances in computer science have generated new frontiers for research in mathematics. A fundamental area in computer science, such as computability, is a part of mathematics, and vice versa. Palm Beach Atlantic University offers the dual major of mathematics and computer science, which allows you to further explore this scientific relationship.  


Your Experience

As a student at PBA, you'll:

  • Enjoy class sizes limited to 30 students so that you receive one-on-one instructor feedback.
  • Learn from dedicated Christians who are also experts in their field.
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  • Not only learn problem solving, algorithms and programming languages, you'll also learn the algorithms of nature.
  • Engage in hands-on learning through internship opportunities.
  • Benefit from clubs like the Mathematics Club, activities like Pi Day and from free tutoring and computer-based support in math and engineering.

  • Help others through service learning opportunities — within PBA and beyond.


Your Courses & Classes

Mathematics and Computer Science

        You'll master mathematic equations such as these with the dual major of Mathematics and Computer Science at Palm Beach Atlantic University.


Your Faculty

Your faculty members are well-known scholars, highly published authors and Christians who will share the Christian worldview in their classrooms. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department was selected as one of just 39 colleges and universities to receive a 2008 HP Technology for Teaching grant, designed to improve learning in the classroom through technology. 


Your Opportunities

Your coursework will prepare you for professional positions such as information scientist; marketing research analyst; bank officer; actuary; computer programmer; Internet-oriented programming; Legacy Systems Conversion; Information Systems Security.  You will also be equipped to pursue advanced studies in graduate or professional programs.


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