PBA Dean Domeck hosts "Lunch and Learn"

During Monday’s lunch hour, the Clematis Room in the Mandel Public Library was filled with 27 people taking the first step to becoming leaders — learning how to lead themselves. 

Dr. Craig Domeck teaches the first session of Dr. Craig Domeck teaches the first session, titled "Lead Yourself."


Dr. Craig Domeck, the dean of the MacArthur School of Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University, taught the first session, titled “Lead Yourself,” of a four-part series and emphasized one key point — “If you can't lead yourself, how can you lead others?” 

“My desire is for them to walk away and learn how they can be a better leader so they might be able to lead others — family, their church, their organizations, any place that they are involved,” Domeck said. 

The remaining three sessions will cover the topics of “Emotional Intelligence and the Effective Leader,” “Apply Leadership Versatility” and “Develop Effective Teams.”

People who attend all four sessions will receive acknowledgement from the university. 

Kacey Robinson, an accounting clerk in West Palm Beach, came with the purpose of boosting her resume but quickly learned leading was more about herself than she realized. 

“I liked how Professor Domeck presented the information in a way that forces you to focus on yourself and focus on your priorities,” she said.

The series is based on developing the three dimensions of self-leadership: the “head” (thinking), “heart” (values) and “hands” (actions), but Dean Domeck emphasizes one aspect more than the others. 

“I think it’s very important to focus on the heart,” Domeck said. “Many people focus on the head of the leader or the hands of the leaders, but the crucial part is what’s going on on the inside and closing the gap on what’s on the outside and what’s on the inside.” 

To sign up for the upcoming sessions, please visit the Mandel Public Library website