Student Life

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development programs at PBA will help you learn what it takes to be a student leader.

You feel it — the call to lead. At Palm Beach Atlantic University, you’ll have numerous opportunities to put into practice what you feel in your heart. You’ll develop your potential as a Christian leader through our:

Apprentice Program

Our top leadership development program offers you opportunities to grow as a leader through activities and mentorship. You’ll move from “head” knowledge to “heart” knowledge — just what you need to be an effective, spiritual leader.

Impact Leadership Team (ILT)

ILT is designed to help freshmen develop credibility as leaders through educational sessions based upon the values of Palm Beach Atlantic University. The program also partners with Workship, our community service program, and other departments on campus. As a certified ILT member, you may apply for the Rothschild Leader Award for outstanding PBA freshman leader.


Within the SAIL Office, our goal is to help students gain a complete understanding of who they are as a leader, assess and develop the leadership potential of all Palm Beach Atlantic University students, and to encourage the student leaders on campus through effective relevant training and programming through our Refresh program. This retreat is offered to all student leaders on campus.

The Next Levvel Leadership Team helps prepare students to lead their peers through various leadership positions on campus, including Steering Committee and Student Body President.Contact Us

Interested in learning more? Director of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership Bob Lutz at (561) 803-2661 or email