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August 02, 2015

In the spring of 2013, Dr. Ann Langlois, associate professor of business at Palm Beach Atlantic University, led a group of 25 students, faculty and alumni from the Rinker School of Business to Brazil for 10 days. Read more.

International Business Club

    Dr. Ann Langlois led a global business trip to China in 2011, including a visit to GE offices.

Purpose and Goals
The purpose of the International Business Club (IBC) in the Rinker School of Business is to provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to develop an increased global awareness of geopolitical, cultural and international business issues.

The International Business Club's goals are to:

  • Encourage all students to participate in a global business trip once during their academic experience at PBA by increasing student’s experiential learning outside the classroom.
  • Create an increased awareness of global events and issues by bringing in both local and global leaders.
  • Identify, develop and participate in global events through local community businesses and nonprofit organizations. The development of liaisons with these organizations will increase student's understanding of global diversity.
  • Integrate and demonstrate global and Christian leadership roles by hosting guest speaker forums and actively participate in both PBA and off campus events.


Annual Global Business Trip
The Rinker School of Business and the International Business Club travels on an annual global business trip. Undergraduate and MBA students get to experience the local culture and business environment of developing countries.


Destinations have included:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vienna

During the seven to 12-day business trip students have the opportunity to embrace the local culture, and visit with some of the world’s leading corporate executives. The trip provides students an educational experience by taking the classroom to a new country. Students not only experience the country but make valuable networking contacts with executives from major corporations including: GE, Oracle, Ford Motor Corp., Harley Davidson, U.S. Commercial Services, Global TV and global nonprofit agencies.



Speaking of Global Business Trips...

May 11-20, 2014

Testimonials of students on the spring 2013 global business trip to Brazil:

“Twenty years from now, I will still remember this wonderful trip to Brazil, and the knowledge and experiences it has instilled in me. The trip was worth so much...because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget.”

--Jesse Tibbets, International Business major

“This trip was an incredible experience. Brazil was a wake-up experience for me personally. I learned how I love to travel, enjoy global business and the trip took me out of my comfort zone.”
--Brianne Chandler, Management major

“To someone who has never been to Brazil, it can’t be appreciated through photographs, books or music. Going to Brazil revolutionized my entire perspective and perception of this beautiful and challenging country. This trip was a great educational experience and visually seeing the poverty and the gap in social class was a reality that one could not overlook in the midst of such natural beauty created by God. This trip broadens by horizon educationally, socially and increased by knowledge of doing business in a global environment.”

--Sherith Gutzmer, International Business major

International Business Club      


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