School of Ministry

B.A. in Ministry (Day Program)

Dr. Jonathan Grenz, a Ministry professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, speaks with Campus Ministry students in the Warren Library on PBA's West Palm Beach Campus.

The Palm Beach Atlantic University Ministry degree program will prepare to build and grow effective ministries and jump right into a broad variety of ministries upon graduation.

The University's unique guidance focuses on biblical, historical, theological and practical studies. Combined with our thriving community connections, it helps you develop skills to improve the lives of others through your efforts within a church, parachurch, or even through secular agencies.

Our program delivers specific benefits such as:

  • 120 credit hours that consist of 48 general education, 42 in the ministry major and 30 of elective credits – (click here to see degree requirements)
  • The ability to integrate Christian values with professional services
  • Exposure to multicultural environments
  • An emphasis on critical thinking and real-life experience
  • Preparation for the Master of Divinity program
  • Two entry points: fall (August) and spring (January) with application deadlines of  August 1 and December 1; and acelerated courses are offered weeknight evenings at PBA’s West Palm Beach and Orlando campuses in eight-week terms
  • Preparing you to serve as a: Pastor (lead, associate, executive), Church Planter, Director of Children’s Ministries, Youth Pastor, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Discipleship Pastor, Missions Leader, Evangelism, Bi-vocational Pastor, Hospital or Military Chaplain and Community Service Director

Closer to a degree than you think?

You might be closer to completing your degree than you might think once transfer and Professional Education Credits are applied. Your admission counselor can guide you through this process.

Up to 42 credits of upper-level coursework completed at other regionally accredited colleges will be considered to apply to this degree (transfer) 

Professional Educational Credit for your prior formal training and professional work experience will be considered to apply to this degree

[NOTE: This program also is offered completely online for learners in other Florida cities and selected states.]


B.A. in Ministry Degree and Concentrations

This option is for the student who is called to ministry but hasn't discerned what type of ministry yet.

Ministry Concentrations

Current concentrations include:

Your Experience

At PBA, you'll:

  • Obtain specialized training in ministry.
  • Receive sponsorship to key missional conferences around the nation.
  • Have huge opportunities for hands-on experience through internships, practicum experiences, field services, Workship projects and 20 or more PBA mission trips annually.
  • Receive continued mentoring by faculty after graduation.

Your Faculty

You’ll learn from respected scholars and theologians, who pour into students' lives both inside and outside of the classroom. Every instructor in the department is directly engaged in local ministry. Many of the textbooks you’ll use in your studies (and that are used extensively at other colleges and universities) are written by faculty. 

Your Opportunities

In completing your ministry degree, you will have the opportunities to utilize your training to serve in any number of capacities while maing a positive impact on the world through the Word of God.

Here is a sampling of possibilities: 

  • Pastor (lead, associate, executive)
  • Church planting
  • Director of Children's Ministries
  • Student Ministries
  • Pastor of Adult Ministries
  • Discipleship Pastor
  • Worship Director
  • Mission Ministry Leader
  • Evangelism
  • Social Work
  • Hospital or Military Chaplain
  • Community Service Director

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