Integrated Learning Assignments, Service Learning Projects Set for Fall

Several faculty and staff members who teach have volunteered to create for entering freshmen either an integrated learning assignment across two courses for fall 2014, or a service learning project between their course and Workship. All of the assignments have been approved by the Learning Community Coordinating Council and will be in fall 2014 classes.

Projects across academic disciplines:

  • Dr. Claire Wolan-O’Connor and Danne Pierre – This project involves freshmen students in the Psychology Major Learning Community, FYE 1001 and PSY 2133 General Psychology. The planners have included five points of integration: three assignments that begin with theories in General Psychology and result in journal assignments in FYE, and two assessment projects in FYE that result in application projects in General Psychology.
  • Dr. Susan Jones and Dr. Chelly Templeton – This project involves freshmen students enrolled in the Teaching Major Learning Community. In EDU 1013 Introduction to Teaching, the students are required to attend a Palm Beach County School Board meeting, or a School Advisory Council (SAC) meeting and respond to certain questions. In ENG 1113 Composition I, the students will reflect on that experience and write a two-part paper in which they first report on what they viewed, and then evaluate the discussion and give their reactions.
  • Dr. Chelly Templeton and Dr. Marsha Guntharp – This project involves freshman students enrolled in the Teaching Major Learning Community. In EDU 1013 Introduction to Teaching, they work in the elementary schools with Junior Achievement curriculum. Experiential data from those class meetings will be utilized in MAT 1803 to create charts and analyze mean, media and standard deviation.
  • Dr. Gary Poe and Dr. Tom St. Antoine – This project involves freshman students enrolled in the Supper Honors Learning Community. Students in HON 1033 Rhetorical Eloquence will have an assignment linked to HON 1003 The World of Polis and Covenant. The informative speech will require the students to research the historical context of the honors readings.
  • Paul Hauptmann and Comfort Olugbuyi – This project focuses on entering freshmen in the Bridges program who are enrolled in FYE 1001 and ENG 0093. In FYE 1001, the time-management project generates data that is then used for a paper in ENG 0093.

Service-learning projects:

  • Dr. Kathleen Klein – This project involves the dance ensemble enrolled in DAN 1501. The freshman students are required to create appropriate lectures/demonstrations at local nonprofits, and then write journal entries about the experience. A mid-term and a final reflection are also required.
  • Dr. Tom St. Antoine – This project involves entering freshmen in the Supper Honors FYE 1001 class. The students will take part in a group Workship project and then write a three-page journal connecting that experience to a passage from one of the books in the Honors curriculum.
  • Scott Spell – This project involves freshman students enrolled in BUS 1183 Introduction to Business; some of these students will be in the Rinker School of Business Learning Community. Students in this class will be divided into groups, each of which meets with a local small business owner to identify the current challenge they face in today’s marketplace. The students will prepare a short summary of the business, it goals, clientele and history. Then they will identify current challenges faced and offer potential solutions. A reflection will also be included. The results will be shared with the business owner and with the full class.
  • Dr. Nathan Lane – This project involves freshman students in the School of Ministry Learning Community, specifically the FYE 1001 class. The class will plan and implement a “Fun Day” at Place of Hope. After the experience, they will write a reflection paper detailing new insights they may have gained from the assignment.
  • Dr. David Horkott – (Note that this proposed project requires approval of a new course, PHL 1XX3 Creative Thinking and Effective Reasoning.) During the semester, students will volunteer a total of 10 hours at Palm Beach Zoo, helping with a variety of needs. A 10-page paper is required at the end of the semester which identifies specific problems that particular species face in captivity and suggest creative solutions using the tools provided in their coursework.