Fall Student-Athletes Set Record for Academic Achievement

Sailfish women's basketball player Elizabeth Fugate was one of eight student-athletes to achive a 4.0 GPA last semester.
Sailfish senior Elizabeth Fugate (#13) was among eight student-athletes to achieve a 4.0 GPA.
Palm Beach Atlantic University's athletic department reported a strong academic showing for the fall semester. Student-athletes achieved an overall grade point average of 3.0910, which is the highest on record for any one semester since the figures have been tracked.

In all, seven of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s 10 intercollegiate athletic teams produced at least a 3.0 GPA, while a total of 78 student-athletes will be honored for having a semester GPA of at least 3.2.

Topping the fall semester's list were eight student-athletes who earned a GPA of 4.0 and a place on the prestigious President’s List: women's soccer players Alyssa DeMonte and Laura Geisler; women’s basketball players Elizabeth Fugate and Ashley Dolberry; softball player Brianna Parker; baseball player Logan Thomas; women’s tennis player Veena Vasquez; and women’s cross-country runner Faith Warren.

A total of 36 student-athletes were named to the Provost's List (3.5-3.99 GPA) while 34 more made the Athletic Director's Honor Roll (3.2-3.49 GPA).

The women's tennis team produced the highest cumulative GPA at 3.60, while the men's tennis team was the top male team at 3.36.

The Sailfish baseball team had 13 members named between the three listings while the volleyball team produced the highest overall total on a women's team with 12 members.


Team Grade-Point Averages
Women's Tennis 3.6045
Women's Cross Country 3.3860
Men's Tennis 3.3556
Volleyball 3.3197
Women's Soccer 3.1882
Women's Basketball 3.1854
Softball 3.0915
Men's Basketball 2.9097
Baseball 2.8501
Men's Soccer 2.7814
Avg. GPA 3.0910

President's List (4.0 GPA)
Alyssa Demonte (W. Soccer, senior)
Ashley Dolberry (W. Basketball, junior)
Elizabeth Fugate (W. Baskeball, senior)
Laura Geisler (W. Soccer, freshman)
Brianna Parker (Softball, sophomore)
Logan Thomas (Baseball, senior)
Veena Vasquez (W. Tennis, freshman)
Faith Warren  (W. Cross Country, junior)

Provost's List (3.5-4.0 GPA)
Christina Alessi (Volleyball, sophomore)
Krasi Atanasov (M. Tennis, senior)
Vicky Baca (W. Tennis, junior)
Camille Benito (Softball, sophomore)
Luke Bolanos (M. Tennis, senior)
Gabriel Carneiro (M. Soccer, junior)
Matthew Crumb (M. Soccer, junior)
Chris Donovan (Softball, senior)
Brooks Fleming (Baseball, sophomore)
Kelsey Fox (Volleyball, freshman)
Kelly Frisz (W. Basketball, freshman)
Meghan Gilmore (W. Cross Country, senior)
Lexie Grizzle (Volleyball, sophomore)
TJ Harbuck (Baseball, junior)
Mark Heimberger (M. Tennis, freshman)
Allison Honderd (Volleyball, freshman)
Andrea Jefferson (W. Soccer, sophomore)
Maria Jimenez (W. Tennis, sophomore)
Jonathan Kalis (M. Tennis, junior)
Michelle Kappas (W. Soccer, senior)
Taylor Kaprive (Baseball, junior)
Jessie Kubiak (Volleyball, senior)
Michael Lyon (Baseball, sophomore)
Janeen McCormick (Volleyball, senior)
Meagan Phillips (W. Soccer, senior)
Lauren Powell (Softball, sophomore)
Ashley Roberts (Softball, freshman)
Katie Runyon (W. Soccer, senior)
Kennie Silvestri (Baseball, freshman)
Lewis Thompson (M. Soccer, junior)
Kimberly Traxler (Softball, senior)
Natalia Trotter (W. Tennis, junior)
Vilja Vahatalo (W. Tennis, freshman)
Jaime Verd (M. Tennis, sophomore)
Jessica Way (Volleyball, senior)
Jessica Wharton (W. Tennis, sophomore)

Athletic Director's Honor Roll (3.2- 3.5 GPA)
Brytney Annis (Volleyball, freshman)
Vaughn Bryan (Baseball, freshman)
Alejandro De Moya (Baseball, junior)
Salim Fauras (M. Basketball, junior)
Hayley Fields (W. Basketball, senior)
Justin Furey (M. Soccer, freshman)
Schuyler Gray (M. Basketball, junior)
Katherine Harvey (W. Cross Country, junior)
Anna Hays (Volleyball, freshman)
Shenise Howard (Volleyball, freshman)
Selethia Jackson (W. Basketball, senior)
Brittany Jones (Softball, junior)
Chris Karafilov (M. Soccer, sophomore)
Jonathan Kies (Baseball, junior)
Danielle Kittell (W. Cross Country, sophomore)
Jordan Kong (W. Basketball, senior)
Johnny Lantz (M. Basketball, sophomore)
Collin Lynch (M. Basketball, freshman)
Travis Murray (Baseball, senior)
Nick Natale (Baseball, senior)
Lynsey Poole (W. Basketball, junior)
Mariela Quesada (Volleyball, junior)
Jared Richardson (M. Basketball, sophomore)
Jessica Sexton (W. Cross Country, freshman)
Ashley Shoaf (W. Soccer, junior)
Justin Sizemore (Baseball, senior)
Morgan Skwira (W. Cross Country, sophomore)
Margaret Stewart (W. Soccer, freshman)
Mari Stokes (Softball, senior)
Juliet Waller (W. Soccer, junior)
Allie Warren SR. (Volleyball, senior)
Loren Wilkins (W. Basketball, senior)
Matt Wisniewski (Baseball, freshman)
Moriah Zusi (W. Soccer, freshman)

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