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July 28, 2015

PBA Conserves 700,000 Gallons of Water with UgMO Sensors

November 8, 2011

PBA has conserved more than 700,000 of water for irrigation using donated UgMO underground sensors.With South Florida in desperate need of rain to decrease the long-term drought, Palm Beach Atlantic University turned to UgMO (“Underground MOnitoring”), a wireless soil sensor monitoring solution that controls irrigation systems, to ensure water efficiency.

In the last two months, the UgMO system has helped PBA conserve more than 700,000 gallons of water and save $4,500. Following the UgMO installation, PBA has seen irrigation water use dwindle each month.

"We’re proud to be a partner in helping Palm Beach Atlantic University find innovative solutions to water conservation," said UgMO President Don Apruzzese. "In a tough economy and with many communities facing drought, it is important for organizations to find ways to cut costs, save water and save money. As these results show, UgMO is one of the most effective ways to do that."

"As a major consumer of water in the Palm Beach area, PBA wanted to take action and start conserving water," said Ken Kropp, grounds manager for National Management Resources Corp., which handles facilities management for the University. "UgMO Technologies has been a great partner and the water and money savings have been significant in a short period of time."

The UgMO installation at PBA is also designed as an educational tool. University faculty and students are observing the system, studying the soil moisture and calculating water savings.

With UgMO’s wireless soil moisture sensor technology, the guesswork is taken out of how much water lawns and landscapes need. UgMO connects to the existing irrigation system with wireless sensors placed completely underground in each irrigation zone. The sensors measure soil moisture levels in real time, up to six times per hour, 24 hours a day. 

The data from the sensors is transmitted to an UgMO base station that controls the irrigation system clock, turning the water off when the soil reaches its optimal moisture level. Landscaping is never over watered, resulting in healthier lawns and plants and significant water and money savings. Lawns with UgMO typically save between 20-50 percent of the water used for irrigation.

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