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July 28, 2015

Nursing Students Use Posters to Highlight Important Issues

April 15, 2011

Juniors of the School of Nursing at Palm Beach Atlantic University were up bright and early at 8 a.m. Friday (4/15) to present their research projects at the Annual Nursing Research Poster Session in the Rotunda of the Warren Library.

The competition is a part of the course Nursing Research taught by Dr. Susan Borglund. Early in the semester, working in teams of two or three, students chose their topic of interest, as well as three research papers written by nurses and published in nursing journals, which supported their topic. From their research, they created a poster and presentation for the competition. 

Winners were chosen in three categories.

The Creative Inquiry ribbon went to “Renewing Strength in Oncology Nursing,” by Vanessa Duncan, Claudia Loboa and Holland Rusch.

The Research Scholarship ribbon was awarded to “Horizontal Violence: The Shocking Prevalence Among Nurses,” by Elizabeth Brubaker and Kathryn Taylor.

Brubaker and Taylor recently attended the National Student Nursing Association (NSNA) convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they presented their research.

“Success in Clinical and NCLEX-RN,” by Monica Coons-Correal and Renie Kirkland earned the Visual Presentation ribbon.

Coons-Correal and Kirkland received their inspiration from a classic book by Dr. Seuss.

 “We were inspired by ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ and based our poster on a rhyme we created, ‘What do I do in order to pass? What to do to pass my class? I do not want to fail the exam! Not the NCLEX…Man –Oh-Man!’” said a cheerful Kirkland.

The ribbon winners, and their classmates, analyzed diverse, complex information on the field of nursing and made it tangible and understandable.

Other poster topics included, “The Great Divide,” a call of attention to the perception of male nurses.

“We want all nursing schools to increase male recruitment, and erase the social stigma, “said Scott Winsor, who worked on the project with Brett Ekstrom and Gary Williams.

While, “Nursing Burn Out,” created by Ashley Spooner, Kelly Kassheimer and Christine Woodell, sought to bring attention to and seek solutions for the often stressful working conditions incurred by nurses due to the current nursing shortage.

 “A baccalaureate prepared nurse is expected to be able to conduct research and critique relevant nursing research,” said Borglund. “These projects have taken a long time, and a lot of hard work went into them. The students have done a really good job.”

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