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University Awards 2011 Quality Initiative Grants

December 13, 2010
Dec. 13, 2010

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness has announced the recipients of the 2011 Quality Initiative Grants. The total available for faculty grants was $20,000, and the total available to students was $12,000. In one instance, students and faculty awardees will collaborate on a project.

The recipients are:

♦   Dr. Roger Chapman, assistant professor of history, "President Harry Truman, the Portal-to-Portal Decision, and Domestic Cold War Politics"

♦   Dr. Mike Chen, associate professor of business statistics, "The impact of the Religiosity Beliefs on Students' Spending Patterns"

♦   Dr. Angela Clauson, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, "The Impact of a Critical Thinking Class on the Critical Thinking Skills of First Year Pharmacy Students"

♦   Dr. David Compton, professor of psychology, "Noradrenergic and Histaminergic Intervention of Age-Associated Cognitive Decline"

♦   Dr. Jamie Fairclough, assistant professor of administrative and social sciences, "Predictors of Health and Psychosocial Well-Being among Pharmacy Students"

♦   Dr. Craig Domeck, dean of central Florida campuses and assistant professor of management, "Emotional Intelligence and Effective Teaching"

♦   Dr. Kathy Maxwell, assistant professor of biblical and theological studies, "Seeing a Different Horizon: Understanding How Others Read Scripture"

♦   Dr. Maurice Thomas, professor of biology, "An Investigation of the Natural History of Bats of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama"

♦   Dr. Angie McDonald, associate professor of psychology, senior psychology major Brianna Kulp and junior psychology major Bianca Marcellus, "Multidimensional Study of the Effects of Parents' Divorce on College Students"

♦   Graduate MBA students Conor Doyle and Ryan Beckett, "The Resource Allocation Behavior Between Business and Non-Business Majors"

♦   Senior management major Estone Owen, senior cross-cultural studies major Tess Wieland, senior international business major Benjamin Hsu, junior management major Nathan Shoemaker, senior accounting/finance major John Warner, sophomore international business/political science major Jeni Chavez, sophomore international business major Viviana Hodge, sophomore management major Blake Nichol and junior marketing major Megan Roper, "SIFE: Reaching Out"

♦   Senior cross-cultural studies major Andrew Courter, "Research in Microexpressions and Lie Detection"

♦   Senior psychology major Victoria Moucha, "Religiosity and Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes"

♦   Junior biology major Allegra Nothaft, "Preliminary Survey of Bat Roosts in MacArthur Beach State Park by Means of Thermal Imaging"

♦   Senior psychology minor Daniel Schwab, "Community as Defined by the Non-Involved Student"

♦   Senior biology major April Ostrom, "The hatching success of partially submerged Pomacea insularum (Ampullariidae) egg clutches and the hatchling success of snails yielded from submerged egg clutches"


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