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July 28, 2015

Dovell, Sanaz
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.S., University of Florida; Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Dovell left South Florida to join the Gator Nation, where she received her bachelor’s degree in finance. She returned to South Florida and worked as a financial advisor for two major financial institutions. Realizing it was time for a career change, she pursued her passion for science at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Dovell’s research focused on the isolation and 3D structural elucidation of peptide neurotoxins found in the venom of marine cone snails using NMR spectroscopy. During her graduate studies, Dr. Dovell served as lab manager for two years and was involved in training undergraduate students to use the instrumentation necessary for their research. As a graduate student, Dr. Dovell received a two-year NSF fellowship in science education. Her passion for teaching science led her to spend a year as a high school teacher at Boca Raton High School where she taught AP and AICE Chemistry. She is delighted to join Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Contact Information
(561) 803-2355
Office: Borbe Hall 120
Campus: West Palm Beach
School: The School of Arts and Sciences Chemistry/Forensic Science/Oceanography/Physics (UG)


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