Rowan, Vanessa

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Contact Info

Campus: West Palm Beach
Building: Borbe
Number: 105A

Phone: (561) 803-2299
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School and Department

The School of Arts and Sciences
Biology (UG)

Faculty Profile

Full Name: Vanessa Rowan

Associate Professor of Biology

B.S., Florida State University; Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University.

 Dr. Rowan, a native Floridian, was born in Miami, Florida. She received a bachelor's degree in biological sciences from Florida State University, where she first became involved in research. There, she performed research for two years following graduation, studying both tree nut allergens and HIV neutralizing antibodies. Dr. Rowan then did her graduate studies at Florida Atlantic University, studying the early events leading to Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease which affects the lacrimal glands (tear producing glands) of the eye. During her graduate studies, she was awarded an NSF fellowship in science education. Following the completion of her doctorate, Dr. Rowan was a postdoctoral fellow at Florida Atlantic University where she focused on the effects of TIMP-3 on the production of tumor necrosis factor alpha by T cells. She has a passion for teaching anatomy and physiology and is delighted to join Palm Beach Atlantic.