Spell, Scott

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Campus: West Palm Beach

Phone: (561) 803-2990
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School and Department

The Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. School of Business
Management (UG)

Faculty Profile

Full Name: Scott Spell

Assistant Professor of Management
Coordinator, Business Internships

B.A., Benedictine University; M.B.A., Loyola University; M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary.

Mr. Spell has held corporate management roles in Fortune 500 consumer product companies, including Newell-Rubbermaid, Sunbeam, and Jarden Corporations.  His early career was involved in the development and expansion of executive information systems (EIS). His master’s degree work at Loyola concentrated on EIS, as it coincided with the advance of information gathering and processing capabilities of major retailers. In November 2001 Mr. Spell became involved as a representative of one of the seven initial participants in the U.S. Government’s Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), a supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) which focused on improving the security of private companies' supply chains with respect to terrorism. This work led to the development of systems to expedite the exchange of documents for international containerized shipping. Mr. Spell was also involved in pioneering direct importing programs, a partnership between consumer product manufacturers and top tier retailers, significantly reducing critical links in the international supply chain and, correspondingly, reducing days outstanding in the payment cycle. These systems eventually extended into strategic customer systems to monitor and improve coordination and compliance through the entire supply chain. Mr. Spell has been deeply involved in developing and enforcing social compliance programs with foreign contract manufacturers to inspect, measure, and improve workplace conditions for workers. These programs, in conjunction with WTO guidance, monitored manufacturing facilities with respect to child labor, forced labor, health and safety, disciplinary practices, working hours, remuneration, and freedom of association. During that time Mr. Spell also entered seminary training, and completed a Master of Divinity degree in 2007. He transitioned to the non-profit sector, and served in management roles for several congregations. He was the architect of the 2009 merger between New City Church (ECA) and Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (PCA), where he served as the executive director and chief of staff during the transition. Mr. Spell’s professional passion is the development of talent in individuals, and is excited to be involved at PBA in a role to coordinate the internship programs in the Rinker School of Business.