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July 31, 2015

Instrument Performance, B.Mus.

Required Courses:
  FRN 1123 or GRN 1123 (3 hours)
MUS 0110 Recital Seminar
MUS 1021 Introduction to Music Listening
MUS 1113 Tonal Harmony I
MUS 1123 Tonal Harmony II
MUS 1131 Musicianship Skills I
MUS 1141 Musicianship Skills II
MUS 1213 Computer Applications in Music
MUS 1480 Piano Proficiency Examination
MUS 2113 Advanced Harmony and Analysis
MUS 2131 Advanced Musicianship Skills
MUS 2133 Form and Analysis
MUS 2141 Musicianship IV
MUS 2480 Studio Recital
MUS 3003 World Music
MUS 3043 Instrumental Literature
MUS 3253 Music History I
MUS 3263 Music History II
MUS 3273 Music History III
MUS 3480 Junior Recital
MUS 3552 Fundamentals of Conducting
MUS 3601 Worldview Issues in the Arts
MUS 4013 Instrumental Pedagogy
MUS 4480 Senior Recital Project
MUS 4980 Recital Attendance Documentation
PHY 1063 Acoustics of Music
Elective Music Courses (6 hours)
  Ensembles may not be used to fulfill elective course requirements.
Performance Requirements (34 hours)
  Instrument Major (14 hours)
  Class Piano or Applied Secondary Area (4 hours minimum)
  Chamber Ensemble (8 hours minimum)
  PBA Symphony or Symphonic Band (8 hours)


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