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July 31, 2015

Mathematics/Secondary Education

Required Courses:
EDU 1013 Introduction to Teaching
EDU 2001 Intro to Elect. Port. & Ed Tech.
EDU 2023 Survey of Exceptionalities
EDU 2133 Human Development and Learning
EDU 3063 Classroom Management, Law, Ethics
EDU 3173 Foundations of Assessment
EDU 4042 Student Teaching Seminar
EDU 4183 Teaching Mathematics in Mid High
EDU 4273 ESOL in Secondary Education
EDU 43110 Student Teaching Mid HS Classroom
EDU 4353 Fdtns of Secondary Lang, Cognition
HIS 2223 US History II
MAT 2804 Calculus I
MAT 2904 Calculus II
MAT 2954 Calculus III
MAT 2963 Differential Equations
MAT 3253 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 3403 Linear Algebra
MAT 3454 Foundations Geometry for Teachers
MAT 3523 History & Philosophy of Mathematics
MAT 3553 Number Theory
MAT 3854 Probability and Statistics
MAT 4053 Abstract Algebra
MAT 4203 Introduction Mathematical Analysis
Additional Natural Science Requirements (5 hours)
  Choose 1 Science lab, accompanying the course taken for general education as well as an additional natural science and accompanying lab. The two natural sciences must be in different areas.
BIO 1021 Intro to Life in Sea Lab
BIO 1023 Intro to Life in the Sea
BIO 1041 Introductory Biology Lab
BIO 1043 Introductory Biology
ESC 1041 Introductory Earth Science Lab
ESC 1043 Introductory Earth Science
PHY 1041 Introductory Physical Science Lab
PHY 1043 Introduction to Physical Science
PHY 1061 Acoustics of Music Lab
PHY 1063 Acoustics of Music
Choose 1 CSC course (3 hours)
CSC 2203 Programming I
CSC 2303 Programming II
CSC 2403 Algorithm Design & Analysis
CSC 3103 Computer Organization
CSC 3213 Software Engineering
CSC 3223 Information Systems in Development
CSC 3323 Web Programming
CSC 3403 Operating Systems
CSC 3413 Computer Networking
CSC 3503 Graphics Programming
CSC 3603 Database Systems
CSC 3703 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 4003 Special Topics in Computer Science
CSC 4103 Survey of Programming Languages
CSC 4303 Wireless Applications Development
CSC 4503 Computer Simulation
CSC 4704 Senior Research
CSC 4713 Independent Project
CSC 4804 Senior Internship
CSC 4903 Compiler Design
Choose 1 Natural Science lab (1 hour)
BIO 1021 Intro to Life in Sea Lab
BIO 1041 Introductory Biology Lab
ESC 1041 Introductory Earth Science Lab
PHY 1041 Introductory Physical Science Lab
PHY 1061 Acoustics of Music Lab


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