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Required Courses:
HIS 2213 US History I
HIS 2223 US History II
HIS 3613 European History I
HIS 3623 European History II
HIS 4623 Historiography
Additional Natural Science Requirements (5 hours)
  Choose 1 Science lab, accompanying the course taken for general education as well as an additional natural science and accompanying lab. The two natural sciences must be in different areas.
BIO 1021 Intro to Life in Sea Lab
BIO 1023 Intro to Life in the Sea
BIO 1041 Introductory Biology Lab
BIO 1043 Introductory Biology
ESC 1041 Introductory Earth Science Lab
ESC 1043 Introductory Earth Science
PHY 1041 Introductory Physical Science Lab
PHY 1043 Introduction to Physical Science
PHY 1061 Acoustics of Music Lab
PHY 1063 Acoustics of Music
Choose 21 hours of upper-level electives
HIS 3033 Florida History
HIS 3103 Selected Topics in History
HIS 3123 American Minorities
HIS 3143 History of the American South
HIS 3173 History of Christianity
HIS 3213 The War of American Independence
HIS 3223 Colonial American History
HIS 3313 Hitler's Germany
HIS 3713 Latin American History
HIS 3813 Tudor Stuart England
HIS 4013 Ancient Greece The Hellenistic Age
HIS 4023 Ancient Rome Republic to Empire
HIS 4103 Selected Topics in History
HIS 4113 Medieval Europe I
HIS 4123 Medieval Europe II
HIS 4153 Renaissance and Reform
HIS 4213 French Revolution Napoleon
HIS 4303 Topics History of Christianity
HIS 4333 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 4413 United States Foreign Policy
HIS 4433 History of Modern Russia
HIS 4713 Women in History
HIS 4723 Europe since 1945
HISV 4813 History Independent Study
HISV 4814 Independent Project
HISV 4815 Independent Project
HISV 4816 Independent Project
Choose one Global Studies course (3 hours)
ART 2813 Art History I
BIO 2203 Environment and Society
BUI 3633 Global Business
CCS 3053 Interpreting Scripture in Multicult
CCS 3073 Cross Cultural Studies Travel Exp
CCS 3503 World Religions
CCS 4093 Islam
COM 3203 Intercultural Communication
EDU 2313 Cultural Dimensions of ESOL
EDU 4273 ESOL in Secondary Education
ENG 2023 World Literature through Film
ENG 4152 Topics in World Literature
ENG 4153 Topics in World Literature
ENG 4154 Topics in World Literature
ESC 2123 World Regional Geography
FRN 1111 Elementary French I Lab
FRN 1113 Elementary French I
GRN 1111 Elementary German Lab I
GRN 1113 Elementary German I
JEM 3123 International Cinema
MAT 3523 History & Philosophy of Mathematics
MUS 3003 World Music
MUS 3153 Music History I
NUR 4303 Community Nursing: Theory
PHL 1053 Asian Philosophy
PLS 3223 Latin American Politics
PLS 3243 Politics of Developing Nations
PLS 3413 International Relations
SPN 1111 Elementary Spanish I Lab
SPN 1113 Elementary Spanish I
THE 4033 Theatre History I
Choose one Social Science course (3 hours)
COM 3563 Intro to Communication Research
CSM 3013 Strategies and Theories - Micro
EDU 2133 Human Development and Learning
ESC 2123 World Regional Geography
PHL 1103 Foundations of the Social Science
PLS 2113 American Federal Government
PLS 3223 Latin American Politics
PLS 3243 Politics of Developing Nations
PLS 3413 International Relations
PSY 2133 General Psychology


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