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March 30, 2015

Biblical and Theological Studies Minor

Required Courses:
BIB 3003 Interpreting the Bible
BIB 3073 Exploring the Old Testament
BIB 3083 Exploring the New Testament
BIB 4033 Systematic Theology
Biblical Language Focus (choose 9 hours)
  Choose three semesters of Biblical Hebrew or three semester of Biblical Greek.
BIB 1013 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
BIB 1023 Introduction to Biblical Greek
BIB 3013 Biblical Hebrew II
BIB 3023 Biblical Greek II
BIB 3113 Biblical Hebrew III
BIB 3133 Biblical Greek III
BIB 4123 Greek Readings
BIB 4313 Hebrew Readings
Biblical Studies Focus (choose 9 hours)
BIB 3043 Old Testament Prophecy & Prophets
BIB 3103 Exegeting the Bible
BIB 3153 Poetry/Literature Old Testament
BIB 3213 Jesus
BIB 3253 Paul
BIB 3703 Pentateuch
BIB 4103 New Testament Topics
BIB 4113 Old Testament Theology
BIB 4213 New Testament Theology
Theology Focus (choose 9 hours)
BIB 2053 Evangelism and Apologetics
BIB 3143 Philosophy of Religion
BIB 3173 History of Christianity
BIB 3533 New Religious Movements
BIB 3723 Worship
BIB 4003 Old Testament Topics
BIB 4063 Advanced Christian Apologetics
BIB 4163 Ethics
BIB 4213 New Testament Theology


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