Student Life

Flagler Towers

Flagler Towers, located on the south end of campus, is home to 240 returning and transfer students. Most suites in Towers are five-person rooms. One bedroom holds two people, the other holds three people and has a half bathroom. The full bathroom is situated between the two rooms. (The suites on the fourth floor vary as they hold eight students and have three bedrooms. There are two full bathrooms in these suites.)

A large living room area opens onto the south balcony through a sliding glass door. Every suite has a kitchen. Men live on the first floor and women live on the second, third and fourth floors. The area coordinator lives on the fourth floor. The first floor lobby has one TV room and a computer mini-lab. It also houses an office where the resident assistants are available during their duty hours.


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Flagler Towers is available to upperclassmen men and women.

A living room in Flagler Towers is one of the spaces in each apartment suite.

The Flagler Towers pool is one of many amenities offered in Flagler Towers.

The common room at Flagler Towers hosts a couch, bathrooms and a computer lab.