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March 29, 2015

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Instruction in the Department of English at Palm Beach Atlantic University engages students with writings that best illuminate the human condition -- our history and the religious, social, philosophical, and aesthetic elements that comprise culture. 


Your Experience

As an English major at PBA, you'll:

  • Explore the aims and methods of literary study from a faith-based interdisciplinary perspective
  • Research important authors and movements in American literary history
  • Have access to clubs and organizations such as Sigma Tau Delta -- the international English Honor Society
  • Participate in the annual student literary journal Living Waters Review, and Student Literature Night
  • Have the opportunity to be a part of the PBA Book Club


Your Courses & Classes


Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisers to create a program of study that:

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  • Meets all requirements
  • Develops the special interests of the student
  • Makes strategic use of allied courses from other disciplines to enhance the educational experience

Students should carefully choose a minor or second major that complements English and their personal career objectives.

Your Opportunities

PBA students are encouraged to become informed, critical, and analytical readers, and to respond to literature through active discussion and thoughtful writing.  Faculty in the English Department also give out annual awards for excellence in writing. The awards are presented at the Student Literature Night event each year. The major in English prepares students for graduate school, and any further academic study.



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