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July 31, 2015

Cost of Attendance

2015-2016 Fee Schedule


(Academic calendars, grading and refund policies can be found in our catalogs.)



Full-time (12-18 Hours) $13,375 per semester
Full-time (12-18 Hours) $26,750 per year
Overload (over 18 hours) $545 per credit hour over 18 hours
Part-time (per hour)

1-6 hours $645 per credit hour
7 hours $735 per credit hour
8 hours $805 per credit hour
9 hours $910 per credit hour
10 hours $1,000 per credit hour
11 hours $1,080 per credit hour
Evening Undergraduate $410 per credit hour
Orlando Undergraduate $460 per credit hour
Online Evening Undergraduate $450 per credit hour
Online Evening Graduate $565 per credit hour
Graduate $525 per credit hour
Orlando Graduate Programs $525 per credit hour
Doctor of Nursing Practice $750 per credit hour
Dual Enrollment    
Pharmacy X-F (15+ hours) $17,505 per semester
Pharmacy B (10-14 hours) $12,253 per semester
Pharmacy K (6-10 hours) $8,752.50 per semester
Pharmacy L (Less than 6 hours) $1,500 per hour



Baxter Hall $2,280 per semester
Flagler Towers $2,495 per semester
Johnson Hall $2,280 per semester
Lakeview Hall $2,495 per semester
Oceanview Hall $2,280 per semester
Rinker Hall $2,280 per semester
Samaritan Gardens $2,280 per semester
Weyenberg Hall $1,740 per semester
Coastal Towers  
Premium $2,925 fall/spring semester
Standard $1,890 fall/spring semester
Costal Towers Summer  
Premium $1,950 summer
Standard $1,890 summer
Meal Plans (excludes 6% sales tax)
All Access 5* $2,085 per semester
All Access 7* $2,147 per semester
160 Block Plan 2** $1,625 per semester
90 Block Lakeview/Towers Only*** $1,330 per semester
Coastal Towers Meal Plan**** $502 per semester
*          Required for all on-campus resident students.    
**        Sophomore, junior and senior students are eligible for this plan.  Freshman Students are not eligible.
***     Students residing in Lakeview and Towers are eligible for this plan.  
****   Students residing in Coastal Towers are eligible for this plan.    
"All Access" plans may be utilized in applicable dining facilities during all operating hours.  
Access 5 includes $200.00 dining dollars and Access 7 includes $50.00 dining dollars.  
Block 160 and Coastal Towers includes $100 dining Dollars; Lakeview/Towers Block 90 includes $300 dining Dollars 
All charges are subject to change     

Other Fees

Application Fee (Evening Undergraduate) $35.00
Application Fee (Graduate) $50.00
Application Fee (Orlando) $45.00
Application Fee (Pharmacy) $150.00
Application Fee (Undergraduate) $50.00
Applied Music (1 Hr per week) $395.00
Applied Music (1/2 Hr per week) $310.00
Applied Music (45 minutes per week) $340.00
Applied Music (Class Instruction) $125.00
Art Course Fee $88.00
Athletic Training Fee $65-30
Audit Fee 50% of the course cost 
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Course Fees $85-$150
Bridges Fee $150.00
Computer Science class fee $35.00
Dance Fees $88.00
Directed Study Fee (Per Credit) $250.00
Education course fees $30.00
First Year Experience Fee $45.00
Fitness Course Fees set by course
General Resource Fee (Full time) $200.00
General Resource Fee (Orlando) $125.00
General Resource Fee (Part-time) $130.00
General Resource Fee (Summer Day Time Students) $130.00
Health Insurance $1,295.00
LDR/ELDR Assessment Fee $15.00
Life Work Planning Fee $10.00
MMPI-2 (Counseling Psychology only) $35.00
Music Course Fees set by course
NAPLEX Review Senior Pharmacy $227.50
New Student Orientation Fee $50.00
Nursing Lab Fees set by course
Online course fee per credit hour $50.00
ORM/EROM Testing Fee $32.00
PBA Card Replacement $5.00
Pharmacy Fee (P1-P3) $227.03
Pharmacy Fee (P4) $252.03
Pharmacy Laptop Fee (1st Year Only)  2239.05
Professional Education Credit (per credit) $100.00
Psychology Materials Fee set by course
Recital Fee per class level
Reservation Deposit (Day Students) $300.00
Reservation Deposit (Evening and Grad Students) $100.00
Reservation Deposit (Pharmacy) $2,250.00
Returned Check Fee $30.00
Student Teaching Fee $50.00
Study Abroad  
India Studies $15,600.00
Italy Studies (PLUS Full Time Tuition and  Fees) $7,300.00
New Zealand Studies $18,850.00
Uganda Studies $11,900.00
Vienna Studies(BCA) $13,900.00
Australian Studies $18,200.00
Germany Studies(BCA) $17,950.00
American Studies $13,600.00
Oxford Scholars Semester $18,900.00
Middle East Studies fees $15,800.00
Edinburgh $10,829.00

London Semester (PLUS Full Time Tuitionand  Fees)

Ireland Studies (BCA) $18,750.00
Ecuador Studies $15,500.00


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West Palm Beach, FL 33401
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