Rinker School of Business

Clubs & Organizations

The Rinker School of Business offers many opportunities for its students - including various clubs and organizations, such as Enactus and Sigma Beta Delta.

We offer some great clubs and organizations for you to join to enhance your business knowledge and experience:

  • Enactus promotes the free enterprise system of business at PBA and in the surrounding community through student-led business projects.
  • Sigma Beta Delta is the highest national recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter.
  • The Global Network Society is a group of students who share a passion towards culture in the global business environment.
  • The Investment Club invests a fictitious portfolio of 100,000 to study and learn about stocks in the stock market.
  • The Marketing Club is a student affiliate club of The American Marketing Association.
  • The Fin (Microfinance Club) raises money and invests in small micro loans in developing nations.