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Quality Enhancement Plan - Service Learning: FAQ


What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

A QEP is a unique five-year plan to improve student learning created at each institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). PBA’s plan will begin in Fall 2018 and continue through Spring 2023.

What is the mission statement for the QEP?

Service learning fosters Christ-focused intellectual, spiritual, and character development of students, through coursework that integrates academic learning and community application.

What are the student learning outcomes?

Intellectual: Students will define the connection between the service learning experience and their discipline and propose a solution to a community-based problem.

Spiritual: Students will identify and evaluate the connections between faith, vocation, and Christian service through their service learning experiences.

Character: Students will develop Christ-like character that recognizes need and leads to thoughtful action in their communities.

Reflection: Students will reflect on and evaluate the impact of service learning activities on their understanding of faith, a lifelong pursuit of learning, and Christian service.

What is the theme?

At the intersection of PBA’s three part motto to Enlighten Minds, Enrich Souls, and Extend Hands, PBA defines service learning as a transformational educational experience that reaches out to address community needs, reaches in to reflect for understanding, and reaches up to integrate learning with faith.






When will the plan be finished?

Faculty and staff team members will continue working on the plan through Fall 2017. The SACSCOC on-site review team will focus on the plan during their March 2018 visit.