Chick-fil-A Recognizes Sailfish Scholar Athletes

Seventy-one Palm Beach Atlantic University student athletes recently were recognized for their achievements during Chick-fil-A Scholar Athlete Night.

Chick-fil-A sponsored a dinner for the honorees, and those earning a GPA of 4.0 received a plaque. The students, including some alumni, were recognized for their academic performance during the previous fall semester.

The honorees are:

President’s List (4.0 GPA)

  • Camille Benito, Softball
  • Theresa Butler, Softball
  • Matthew Crumb, Men’s Soccer
  • Ashley Dolberry, Women’s Basketball
  • Laura Geisler, Women’s Soccer
  • Mark Heimberger, Men’s Tennis
  • Amber Johnson, Softball
  • Lindsey Johnson, Softball
  • Lewis Thompson, Men’s Soccer
  • Veena Vasquez, Women’s Tennis
  • Faith Warren, Women’s Cross Country

Provost’s List (GPA 3.5-4.0)

  • Alejandro De Moya, Baseball
  • AJ Steimel, Baseball
  • Stefano Bucciol, Baseball
  • Kennie Silvestri, Baseball
  • Brian Walker, Baseball
  • Salim Fauras, Men’s Basketball
  • Jonathan Kreidt, Men’s Basketball
  • Kayla Ray, Women’s Basketball
  • Lynsey Poole, Women’s Basketball
  • Cory Smith, Men’s Soccer
  • Branden Langenberg, Men’s Soccer
  • Kenny Hogg, Men’s Soccer
  • Melo Matutu, Men’s Soccer
  • Michael Leonard, Men’s Tennis
  • Brianna Parker, Softball
  • Jen Hunter, Softball
  • Melissa Buckingham, Volleyball
  • Christina Alessi, Volleyball
  • Mariela Quesada, Volleyball
  • Lexie Grizzle, Volleyball
  • Rachael Holehouse, Volleyball
  • Elly Raush, Volleyball
  • Morgan Skwira, Women’s Cross Country
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez, Women’s Soccer
  • Andrea Jefferson, Women’s Soccer
  • Carolyn Simon, Women’s Soccer
  • Ashley Shoaf, Women’s Soccer
  • Carson Mitchell, Women’s Soccer
  • Karoline Harnes, Women’s Soccer
  • Vicky Baca, Women’s Tennis
  • Maria Jimenez, Women’s Tennis
  • Natalia Trotter, Women’s Tennis

Athletic Director’s Honor Roll (GPA 3.2-3.5)

  • Matthew Bell, Baseball
  • Ryan Cota, Baseball
  • Phil DiLandro, Baseball
  • Ryan Gerber, Baseball
  • TJ Harbuck, Baseball
  • Bobby Kissner, Baseball
  • Shem Alexander, Men’s Soccer
  • Charlie Hubbard, Men’s Soccer
  • Chris Karafilov, Men’s Soccer
  • Tyler Sanders, Men’s Soccer
  • Evan Singlar, Men’s Soccer
  • Jonathan Strunk, Men’s Soccer
  • Ben Vogeney, Men’s Soccer
  • Michael Tsoi, Men’s Tennis
  • Giuseppe Guarnieri, Men’s Tennis
  • Brittany Jones, Softball
  • Lauren Powell, Softball
  • Becca Acevedo, Volleyball
  • Stephany Brown, Volleyball
  • Kelsey Fox, Volleyball
  • Shenise Howard, Volleyball
  • Faith Rohn, Volleyball
  • Katherine Harvey, Women’s Cross Country
  • Kasey Wyer, Women’s Soccer
  • Mackenzie Araiza, Women’s Tennis
  • Alexis Soli, Women’s Tennis
  • Vilja Vahatalo, Women’s Tennis
  • Jessica Wharton, Women’s Tennis

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