Rice Shares Leadership Philosophy at World LEADERS Conference

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told a gathering of more than 400 business, civic and religious leaders Thursday that the single biggest national security threat is the crisis in K-12 education.

In her address at the 2013 World LEADERS Conference held at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Rice told the crowd that in America, it’s not important where you came from, but where you are going.


“You can come from humble circumstances and still do great things,” Rice said. With her global perspective and as an educator, Rice stated that of the world’s industrialized countries, America has the shortest education days and academic year.

She was one of more than a dozen leaders who spoke at the university as part of the second annual World LEADERS Conference held in West Palm Beach, Fla. The two-day symposium is known for its unique blending of renowned speakers from both business and ministry.

During her one-hour address, Rice reflected on the nation’s past 10 years where Americans experienced “three big shocks”:  9/11, where the United States now has to worry about ungoverned places; the economic/financial crisis coupled with unemployment, which dramatically challenged the country’s perception of economic security; and the sectarian violence in the Middle East.

The event featured nationally-renowned leadership experts, including Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines; Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO for Harlem Children’s Zone; Scott Harrison, founder of the non-profit charity: water; Ken Blanchard, world renowned leadership expert and author; Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group and author; Henry Cloud, psychologist, leadership coach and author, Craig Groeschel, founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv.; Jon Gordon, consultant and author; Erwin McManus, artist, filmmaker and author; Mark Floyd, Chairman and CEO of Cyan Inc; Joyce Meyers, renowned practical bible teacher and author, Bobby Gruenewald, pastor, innovation leader at LifeChurch.tv, and James Blanchard, chairman and CEO of Synovus Financial Corp.

To provide participants with a uniquely personal experience, the sold-out World LEADERS Conference is limited to an audience size of 400; ticket price ranges from $795 to $1,500.

About World Leaders Group
The World LEADERS Group is a non-profit organization focused on the worldwide training of people from both the business and church sectors to become servant leaders and world changers.

The mission is based on the philosophy and practice of leadership as a servant leader, and the annual World LEADERS Group Conference brings together top executives in business and ministry with prominent leadership experts from around the world, according to the World LEADERS Group President James L. Davis.

“If we can inspire people to become servant leaders, we will change lives,” said Davis. “And, when we change lives, we can help change the world.”

Unlike many leadership conferences that are intended for either business leaders or for ministry leaders, the World LEADERS Conference is for all leaders who not only want to become more effective leaders, but to become better people. For more information about World LEADERS Group, visit www.worldleadersconference.com.