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August 05, 2015

Christ Fellowship Leaders Remind Students to 'Mind the Gap'

September 14, 2012

Christ Fellowship Lead Pastor Todd Mullins and his wife, Julie, can remember hearing the phrase “mind the gap” as they traveled through the subways of London as newlyweds.

The “gap” referred to the potentially dangerous space between the platform and the subway, but it also came to mean something more to the couple, who now lead a congregation of nearly 30,000 people on multiple church campuses throughout South Florida.

Julie and Todd Mullins of Christ Fellowship are welcomed by PBA Provost and Christ Fellowship member Dr. Joseph Kloba and Campus Pastor Dr. Bernie Cueto in the DeSantis Family Chapel. Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) is a private, accredited, Christ-centered college located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
Julie and Todd Mullins of Christ Fellowship are welcomed by PBA Provost and Christ Fellowship Elder Dr. Joseph Kloba and Campus Pastor Dr. Bernie Cueto in the DeSantis Family Chapel.

“Many times these last several years in ministry, I’ve heard those words, ‘Mind the gap. Pay attention,’” said Julie Mullins, who joined her husband in speaking to Palm Beach Atlantic University students during the chapel hour on Wednesday. “There are gaps in all of our lives where we have to take notice. God is trying to get our attention.”

That was the case for many significant figures in the Bible, such as David, Pastor Mullins said. When David was anointed king of Israel, the transition wasn’t immediate. He went back to his job of tending the sheep the next day, he said.

“There was a gap between the anointment and the appointment by God,” Pastor Mullins said.

God uses every circumstance in life, even the gaps, to get us ready for the destination He has chosen for us, Julie Mullins said. “He uses the good things and the bad things to prepare us for what He has ahead of us.”

One tool that God used in David’s life in this gap to get him ready was the tool of solitude, the couple said. Left in solitude in the back hills of Judea, David was better able to discern the voice of God, Pastor Mullins said.

Sometimes those times of solitude come in the form of sickness, job loss or other circumstances, Julie Mullins said. It may even feel like punishment, but it can help bring us closer to God, she said.

Another was the tool of secrecy, or service to others that is hidden from view. “In that secrecy, in that hiddenness, is where humility is formed. God always seems to train his servants in private before he uses them in public,” she said.

A third tool is that of struggle. David endured many extremes, including threats to his life, Pastor Mullins said. “It is through these times of struggle that we really develop muscles,” he said.

The last tool is that of sameness, or “the day after day, the year after year faithfulness that David showed as he tended the sheep,” Julie Mullins said. “It’s easy to become bored and dissatisfied with the mundane, but so much preparation happens in the mundane.”

The Mullinses were among several guest speakers in chapel this week for Church Connect Week. Other speakers were Pastor Jeremy McKeen of Truth Point Church, Pastor David Nelms of Grace Fellowship, Dr. Jerry Wragg of Grace Immanuel Bible Church and Pastor Aaron Filippone of First Baptist Church.

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