Ministry Grad Focuses on Family Ministry

Marcos Gonzalez, a current Master of Divinity/MBA student, hopes to redeem God’s design for a Christ-centered family.

Gonzalez had a difficult childhood in neglectful and abusive foster care. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the Air Force, where he began to thrive and take online college courses. After eight years of service he began to see God’s calling for him to a ministry with broken families. Gonzalez enrolled at the Orlando Campus in 2013 and later transferred to the West Palm Beach Campus, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree in 2016.

Gonzalez then enrolled in the dual Master of Divinity/MBA program. Through these programs, he is growing in the skills and knowledge to pursue his dream of starting a nonprofit that “calls families to break down walls and internally repair and bridge gaps.” Through the work of individual discipleship and family discipleship, he strives for community discipleship as a result.  

Gonzalez plans to graduate in 2020.