Alumnus Returns to Campus Leading MFuge Camp

Jared Windham

Jared Windham, a PBA alumnus of 2003, served as a student pastor with the MFuge camps on PBA’s campus. Jared is the son of Joe Windham, who also graduated from PBA in 1975.

Windham is an associate pastor of student ministries at Sarasota Baptist Church and is married with two young children.

After graduating from PBA, Windham went on to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as the associate pastor of students at Saddle Creek Church in Little Rock, Arizona and the associate pastor of students at First Baptist Church of Glen Saint Mary, Florida.

Over the past 11 years he has been taking students to Fuge Camps at various locations. Previously, he served on staff, as a track leader and as a camp worship leader with MFuge.

Windham said that every time he is back on campus he is amazed at how much PBA has grown and improved. As a student pastor he loves encouraging his high school students to attend PBA.

“Not only for the quality of facilities, but for the amazing programs, environment, community and opportunities to serve and/or be mentored while at PBA.” Windham said.