From Prison Ministry to Evangelism & Apologetics Professor

Brian Wright

Brian Wright, adjunct professor at PBA’s Orlando campus, uses experience serving in ministry at the Bureau of Prisons to teach evangelism and apologetics.

Wright has served as a full-time federal prison chaplain for nearly a decade at the Bureau of Prisons. He received his masters of theology in New Testament studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and his PhD in New Testament studies and Christian origins from Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia.

Wright recently joined PBA as an adjunct professor teaching the class, evangelism and apologetics. Eric Lowdermilk, the coordinator of the Orlando ministry program, says that this class is perfect for him because so much of his ministry in the prison pours over to his teaching.

Wright says, “As I am teaching the students about evangelism and apologetics, I am also standing before them as someone who is on the front lines doing the work of an evangelist and apologist. These ministerial experiences are quickly and easily translated into the classroom, as I provide personal real-life scenarios of what we are studying.”

Wright will continue to teach at the Orlando campus.

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