Standout Sailfish Highlights Successful Alumni

 Standout Sailfish

Recent PBA alumna Morgan Belle advises graduating seniors to “Stay humble, be passionate about your career and realize that your first job is largely going to be about learning.” Through a joint project of Alumni Relations and Career Development, advice from recent graduates is more available to prospective and current students through an innovative initiative called, Standout Sailfish. Standout Sailfish officially launches today.

Standout Sailfish will serve in a way to get to know what types of careers are out there for graduating seniors and to share advice and encouragement. Contact information will be provided so that these alumni may serve as mentors for those in the job searching phase.

“The site is a place for prospective and current students and alumni to connect with each other. The responses from our alumni for this project have been incredibly thoughtful. They have solid advice to contribute that inspires and informs the students coming behind them,” says Kim Ladd, director of career development.

Standout Sailfish will highlight several alumni from the past five years, each month, who have been successful in their chosen career path. Each alumni will be asked the same range of questions about their current job role, past experiences, and how PBA helped them to prepare for their careers. This program will highlight a variety of alumni from a range of majors and career paths to demonstrate the success students may have upon graduating.

Alumni are chosen by the collaboration of Career Development and Alumni Relations, with the help of Admissions, and deans and their respective faculty members.